Advice on small diamond studs.

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  1. I have searched the whole site but i can't find what i'm looking for. I am in the minority but i'm looking for small yellow gold studs in a 4 sprong setting. I am looking between .19 ctw minimum and .60 ctw maximum. Most of my jewellery was handed down to me and vintage so i don't shop ofter in that department.

    I want these babies to look amazing before size. I know i should look for cut but other than that, how much of a difference does i really make? Should i save money or is it worth it to invest in better quality?

    I plan on wearing these everyday, i wear 'fake' diamond studs now aswell so i think this will be an good staple for me. I would love to see pictures and specs of you small studs
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    For research purposes, I'd recommend Blue Nile online. They have a "build your own" option where you can choose among thousands of selections of diamonds & specify settings, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. You can even go into the nitty-gritty of polish/symmetry, depth/table, culet, & flouresence.....

    eta: for earrings, i think you could step down in clarity & possibly color, because no one is going to get that close to your ears to see flaws or compare color, but i never like to skimp on cut. Cut is what affects the sparkle the most....

    Here's what one might look like: the only restriction is that blue nile "build your own" has a min ctw of .50 for the set.
  3. If you get ideal cut stones there's no need to wait for better quality.
    I'd go for
    -ideal/excellent cut
    -H-I-J color
    -SI1 clarity
    Also, go for 3 prongs/martini, not 4 :yes:
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    thanks! I would like to order with blue nile they have lots of options. I could find .46 as the smallest size in the 4 prong and .30 in the 3 prong, i cannot open your link Junkenpo. Swanky, i was just looking into the 3 prongs, why would you advice these over 4, are they less high?

    i love the size the lady is wearing

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  5. I think martini's sit flush on your ear better if I am not mistaken.
    I have two sets of the 4 prong currently but plan on getting another pair and will probably get a martini setting. I will also then reset the ones I have.
  6. her's look like a 1cttw {.50 crt/ear} to me.
    I like martinis better because you'll see more stone, since the stones aren't huge I'd prefer less metal.
  7. ^^ QueenVictoria2 is correct......the martini setting sits flush to the ear. Are incredibly comfortable and with the closeness to the lobe, always have your diamonds 'facing out'. The cut will definitely give you more sparkle, An ideal cut (additionally faceted diamonds) would be your best bet. See if an area jeweler carries Star 129s, Hearts on Fire, etc. You don't necessarily need to buy the branded diamonds but it is very nice to see them in person. Good Luck!
  8. .19 ctw is going to be pretty small.
    I have a pair that is around .25 ctw and I think they are kinda small. :s
  9. thanks all! what does flush to the ears mean? I think i am looking at .33 ctw atleast now. The pre-set blue nile earrings are much cheaper and are minimal si2 and j color but i can't find the cut
  10. on stones this size they'll all set "flush to the ear".
    bigger stones are heavy so they tend to pull forward, martini settings help correct that.
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  12. Thanks again ladies! I can't order from whiteflash since they are USA based and this will cost me lots of extra to import. I think the 4 prong will suit me better. Years ago i remember i tried the 3 prong style and i didn't like the loose diamond look from the side. I never have a problem with drooping basket style earrings but i have to think about it.

    queenvictoria2, i can't open the blue nile link. Is the minimum cut on pre-made earrings 'good'? i'm probably will be better of going for ideal right?
  13. I am in the minority as well, because my earrings are 0.75 tcw, and they look to be the same size as the ones on the lady (but I have small earlobes).

    I would suggest Blue Nile as well. Go with Ideal Cut, Color I (a very knowledgable BN consultant told me smaller diamonds tend to look whiter), VS2 (since you are buying online, VS2 would pretty much guarantee they are "eye-clean").

    I like martini setting myself, but it is really a personal preference. I would highly suggest the screwback style though. They take longer to put on and take off, but to me, it is worth it to know your earrings are completely secure.
  14. here is the link again, it is for the pre set ones at bluenile not the build your own

    .31 ctw