Advice on Shoulder bag

  1. Any suggestions on a small to midsize shoulder bag (enough to carry phone, wallet, checkbook, cosmetics)? Also in an under-$1000 price range? Kind of eyeing something in mono or mini lin.... thanks!:confused1:
  2. Petite Bucket. I have one and love it.
  3. How about the popincourt haut for $860.
  4. I suggest either popincourt haut or Batignoles Horizontal or even the Neverfull
  5. I love my petit bucket!
    As an alternative, how about the trotteur?
  6. Is the BH really huge? In the description it says it holds a laptop...which sounds awfully huge.

  7. I have one and I love it. I do not feel it is to big.
  8. any modeling pics of the BH? (or even the vertical)
  9. Azur Saleya PM
  10. Tivoli...but the wait list is long. However, it's worth the wait.
  11. I would think the popincourt haut would be a good bag! It is $860.
  12. How about a Cabas Piano or Saleya PM?
  13. it seems like you don't have so many stuffs, so I would say go for "popincourt haut" or "loopings"
  14. BH - its a good size :biggrin: