advice on shoes

  1. HI everyone I've been debating if I want a pair of these wedges...some people tell me they love the design of the wedge, some claim it looks very weird. what do you guys thinks?
  2. Personally, I like them.....but they are wayyyyyy too high for me.
    I'd break an ankle. I wish sometimes LV would make very trendy shoes and sandals for people who can't wear stilts !!!
  3. These are really cute! I wish I could wear them and I usually wear wedges, too. For some reason, these didn't go well with my feet. But I have seen them on other ladies. Very, very nice!!
  4. I adore them! A few members have them and also have some stunning modeling shots.
  5. THey look weird to me...
  6. i have never liked them
  7. They're pretty. Just hope they're comfy to wear, too.
  8. very cute! I like them
    too high for me personally but still cute!!!
  9. I LOVE them! I've been lusting after those for a while now, but I feel like I'd need some awesome clothes to go with those beautiful shoes!
  10. Those are some of the hottest shoes made by LV!! They are effing GORGEOUS!!!

    I say get them. Don't mind what others think of them, (negatively) just as long as YOU like them, that's all that matters!
  11. OMG they are amazing! They are too high for me though. I always buy heels like that and then I never wear them! If you are gonna wear em' then GO FOR IT!
  12. I think they look amazing... Doesn't Sandra has a pair of those? I remember seeing her modeling pics (paired with great outfits).
  13. if youre gonna pay big bucks for shoes THESE should be IT!!! they are the perfect designer shoe.....well made, hot and UNIQUE!!! steve aint makin them ;) hehe
  14. If you like them, you should get them!
    I personally wouldn't want them, they're not my style and knowing me, I'd trip over myself in them. But they look nice!
  15. i have these and i love them. they're so pretty, and surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in :yes: