Advice on Shipping to PO BOXES!!!

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  1. Hey guys, I just sold a bag on eBay and the buyer seems to be a bit confused. She is a new eBayer and did not have her Paypal address confirmed. I emailed her after her payment yesterday to ask her to confirm her address.

    She emailed me back just a little while ago saying that there are now two addresses on her Paypal account and they are confirmed. I just checked and it is still UNCONFIRMED! She is asking me to ship it to a physical address if its overnight mail and a PO box if its "regular mail".

    I told her the shipping method would be priority mail and that I need her to confirm her address for security reasons before I can ship. She then asked me if priority mail is "regular mail"...

    I just emailed her again asking her to confirm her physical address with paypal...

    I know there are alot of scams using PO Boxes although I am not sure how they work. I am not sure if this buyer is simply confused or whether she is trying to scam me out of a hundred bucks! :confused1:
  2. So the value of the bag is $100? To cover yourself, if it's over $250, paypal requires you to have signature confirmation. If you choose to sell to her, you might want to get a signature for peace of mind.
  3. I thought that paypal will only cover if the buyer is verified and shipping to a confirmed address... she has neither of these things. =/ The bag itself is worth about $500 but because I am new to eBay and dont' have any feedback it went for really low compared to the other ones =(
  4. She should ensure both her physical (home street) address and PO Box address are confirmed with Paypal. She may be a little confused about “confirming” addresses if she is new, but it is absolutely possible to do.

    I have the same situation as the USPS does not deliver to my street address so I have to have a PO Box for any USPS mail. Other carriers, like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. do deliver to my street address but not to my PO Box. It can get a little confusing if it's not explained clearly.

    I've confirmed both my addresses with Paypal. When I buy stuff on eBay, I first confirm with the seller what service s/he ships and then I just select the address I want the seller to use (based on the shipping method) when I send a payment.
  5. When your buyer sends the payment all you have to worry about is make sure that on the transaction details page it says "Seller Protection Policy- Eligible" and mail to the address provided (will almost always say confirmed).

    If you still having problems, you can -
    1) SET your preferences now to accept payment from confirmed addresses only. Doing this will automatically prompt your buyer with to enter information to confirm the address with Paypal if they haven't yet.
    Go to your account->
    scroll to Selling Preferences->
    click on Payment Receiving Preferences ->
    Select YES to "Block payments from U.S. users who do not provide a Confirmed Address"


    2)Provide your buyer with the link to Paypal for confirming addresses. Your buyer may be confused about the process and it is possible she is just checking to be sure the address is correct at Paypal ("confirming" with herself).
  6. I think that even when she already confirmed her address if she paid before it will still showed unconfirmed, unless you refund the money and ask her to pay again. The first time I used PayPal the same thing happend to me.