advice on shipping nail polish

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  1. I realize this might be a weird topic, but I was wondering what's the best way to ship nail polish without getting scammed? I sold a bottle of jade nail polish to someone with 3 feedback and I'm a little weary of sending it. Is there anyway to protect myself?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. I don't think i'd worry too much , is it still going for silly money ? I'm assuming it's the Chanel ?!
    I'd just ship it with tracking and insurance, do you still have the receipt ?
  3. Ship it FedEx or UPS, do not go with USPS as it is against the postal rules to ship any thing flammable.
  4. I agree that USPS might have it against the rules, but I have, knowingly sent polish in USPS forms of shipment and had no breakage (thus, no one opening it up to find out what happened). I guess it's a choice of risk versus shipping cost.
  5. yep, its the chanel jade. It went for more than I anticipated, a lot more. I dont want the buyer to pour out the contents and try to return the product back to me.
    I do have the reciept and I'm thinking of taking massive amounts of pictures. Is there some paypal/ebay policy against returning these things.
  6. Nail polish can be shipped via USPS, but you must disclose to them that you are shipping nail polish. They will not allow it to be shipped via air and will put a sticker on it.
  7. Would wrap that item in bubble and bubble and more bubble..

    perhaps tape the cap to the bottle and if you feel better, take a pic

    knowing how you shipped it so that there will be no question.. it's hard

    to think that someone would scam someone over a bottle of nail polish..
  8. ^ I searched the completed listings for Chanel jade nail polish and saw one recently sold for $225. :faint: After seeing that I can definitely understand why the OP might be afraid of being scammed.
  9. ^yeaaaa....a little worried, but I mean the person already paid. I will be bubble wrapping it and tapping the bottle shut with marked tape and hope that nothing bad happens.
  10. My LORD! I knew this was a HTF colour, but really? The cheapest that you can find this on eBay right now is $76 -- FOR NAIL POLISH.

  11. Might e-mail your buyer and let her know that you are wrapping

    the package very securely with bubble wrap and securing the

    bottle of nail polish.. this should discourage her from doing

    something not right..sure it will be fine..
  12. maybe write on the tape around the neck the type of info the ladies put on the tyvek armbands. Then include a similar note that if the tape has been broken/removed, no returns. Take photos of the bottle with the tape.

    It might give you some peace of mind that the buyer won't bait, switch, and return.

  13. ^agree and a good suggestion as well...
  14. Thank u thank u everyone!! I will be doing all of the above. I never expected the auction to go so high, I thought it was going to end around 120.
  15. It's amazing that that bottle went so high.. noticed that the prices were across

    the board for this Chanel color...sure your buyer will be thrilled to receive it!!