advice on selling purse

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  1. Hello, I have a purse i just got that I'm not feeling 100% sure about keeping. Any advice on where you've sold your unwanted bags?

    ebay vs, online auctions
    consignment stores?

    What kind of prices are reasonable to expect? It's a Fall 08 Gryson ret $675 it's been out of the house twice and I have all orig tags and dustbags.
  2. I've never auctioned anything off, so I can't help you with where to sell. But, since the bag has barely been carried - I would expect a fairer, closer to original price; however, it also depends on how available the bag still is/how in demand it is.
  3. where are you? It depends on where you are located. If you want least trouble, consignment shop is probably a good pick.
  4. Please do a search, this is asked literally every day here:sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.