Advice on selling my Gucci Blush/Pink Joy Boston

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2010
    Hi all,

    I hope I'm posting in the right place!

    I am contemplating selling my Gucci Blush/Pink Joy Medium (?) Boston handbag via eBay and was hoping you could offer some advice to ensure I give the best information to potential buyers and to get the best price for me.

    - What kind of information would potential buyers want to see on the item page?
    - Can anyone advise me the correct full name for this model please? Is the correct colour called pink or blush?
    - How can I prove authenticity to potential buyers?
    - Does the value go up or down the older the bag is?
    - The original price was (I think) £347. Is it likely I can get the same price?
    - How can I ensure I get paid?
    - Advice on postage/packaging?
    - Any other advice?

    The bag is authentic I bought it last Summer in the Gucci concession at Selfridges and have the receipt and the little authenticity booklet that came with it.
    The bag was hardly used and is in brand new condition still so I hope to achieve the same price. Shortly after it went out of stock last year I saw one on eBay that sold for more than the original price.
    Reason for selling - I don't have a specific reason to sell, I just barely used it a handful of times and the excitement of having this designer item has faded so I would like to send it to a happier home :smile:
    I don't have a photo yet of my *actual* bag I'll be selling but the attached photo is the same one (not 100% sure of size though).

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    no pics are necessary since you can't sell here!
  2. When it comes to selling bags, the best things you can do are to describe the item as accurately as possible, take as many pictures as you can, make sure it's authentic, sell responsibly by following all eBay and PP policies, and ship with a fully-insured, trackable, and signature-verified method.

    Buyers need a thorough description of the bag, including any signs of wear or damage, retail price, measurements, etc. Take as many clear pictures as you can. Try to cover all your bases, and don't leave any information out.

    If you have questions about authenticity, color names, etc. you should check out the Gucci subforum and ask those kinds of questions there. You might also want to ask about perceived value, since the experts over there can give you an idea of how pricing for selling used Gucci bags works. Just be careful not to solicit your bag here, since it's prohibited on tPF.

    To protect yourself as a seller, only accept PayPal for payment from PayPal-confirmed customers. I'd avoid the complexities of int'l shipping for now. If by any chance you come across a non-paying buyer, you can have your fees refunded through eBay.

    Since you're not in the US, I can't be terribly specific, but like I said you must ship with a fully insured, trackable, and signature-verified method. Package the bag well and then send it on its way.

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    Thanks! No I'm not trying to sell my bag here I'm just trying to put together my eBay description and wanted to know how to explain it properly, I've used eBay many times but I've never bought/sold a designer bag so came here for advice on what to say. I just added the picture incase anyone knows the value/popularity of the bag and thought people would ask to see it to be able to answer my questions cos I'm not 100% sure of the model name.

    I'm kinda confused, can I repost this in the Gucci forum too? I posted this in the Gucci forum first but it got moved to here, and I posted it in the Handbag forum and the thread got closed....?

    Appreciate the help!
  4. You need to get detailed and good photos for every corner of your bags.If there is any flaws on the bag you need to mention it in your action and take the clear photos of the flaws. Buyers love honest sellers.

    Since this is about ebay, you post at the right place but you can't post your auction link or trying to sell it to other members because it's not allowed here.

    I don't think you will get the same price like you bought it.Probably lower than that.

    If you want to know how to get a great pics, do some research on ebay and look how the sellers take their pics on other Gucci bags.
  5. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it! The bag is in perfect condition I only used it a few times and there are no marks/scratches and no sign of use at all so I hope I can get a good price, wish me luck!
  6. Good luck :ghi5:

  7. You can only post your thread in one spot and if it is the wrong spot the mods will move it like they did in this case. Good luck on selling your bag:smile: