Advice on selling a phone

  1. I'm going to list my tmobile sidekick 3 on eBay soon.. I wanted to know if there is anything I should be scared about selling my phone.
    Of course I will not send the sim card, but they can't get to my plan and do weird stuff can they?
    Oh, and I use it as a pay-as-you-go thing, but that shouldn't affect them right?

    Sorry, I've never sold on eBay before
  2. I sold my old phone and my husbands when we got new ones. What I did do was to remove my phone numbers from the auto-dialer. I didn't have any problems. A friend of mine also sold her phone without issues. Just make sure that the phone has been deactivated.
  3. Great! Thanks so much!!
  4. as long as you don't send the sim card, you will be fine. As for the pay as you go, I don't know how T-Mobiles plans differ. Like with Cingular, the phones are different for the types of plans (contract or pay as you go)
  5. The only other thing to say is that phones do seem to be particularly vulnerable to scammers. I have had two mobile phone listings messed up by buyers from either a hijacked account or who then wanted bank details etc etc to pay over the amount if I would send the phone to a relative in Africa. Awful to generalise but for some reasons phones are attractive to the shadier character it seems, so be careful about putting terms like instant payment for BIN, paypal only to confirmed addresses, considering how you feel about international sellers etc.
  6. As long as you are NOT giving them your sim card, you are fine in regards to them not accessing your plan.

    However like others said, delete everything from your phone. There is actually a feature that most phones have where you are "restore factory settings" and I dont know, but that might delete everything.

    If not, then you REALLY have to comb through your phone. Calendar, speed dial, call histories, text messages, notes, phone book, pictures, recorder, are some of the things to delete.

    I once bought a 4gb jump drive from eBay and the seller had all kinda of files still one it!! I sent them a polite message that I deleted it without looking, but as a general rule of thumb one should always clear out personal info. You never know with the crazies out there!
  7. I agree with Damier, make sure you use the factory reset option, that should clear out everything u entered in to it. Stuff like pictures and ring tones and text messages are all stored on the phone, you'll want to get rid of all that!
  8. When you list, tell them what carrier it is set up with.