advice on roxanne, please! :)

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  1. #1 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 5, 2010
    hello ladies, I need your advice!

    My rosemary, is a little too small for all the stuff I carry on most days! but since I love the style I now consider replacing it with a roxanne :P but I'm a little afraid that roxannes are too heavy! I have a beautiful old darwin bayswater that I never use, because it's too heavy for me! :sad: are nvt roxannes as heavy as darwin bayswaters?

    unfortunately I don't live close to a mulberry store. I've only been to a mulberry store once and I really liked the size of roxanne (considering length and height), but I didn't try it on, because I had a train to catch. in the catwalk thread I noticed the width of the bag and in some photos it seems a little bulky? so my 2nd question is: is it comfortable to wear on your shoulder, or does it feel bulky under your arm?

    i'm looking forward to reading your comments! :smile:
  2. Hi Elkington

    I think you would be very happy with an NVT Roxanne weight wise (checkout the "How much does you Mulberry Weigh" thread).

    "Bulkwise", Once the leather softens a little, it becomes less boxy and IMO is fine.

    Im really happy with a Roxanne on my shoulder - but I know some of the girls feel its a little awkward.

    The Outlets tend to have different colours in different leathers so If you were thinking of colours other than oak, choc, black you would have a wider choice.

    Croxley, Teddiescorner & Slowhand are Roxanne girls - hopefully they will be along with a few thoughts.

    Ells xx
  3. I must admit that I sold mine as I found her to be a bit heavy and bulky, and she kept sliding off my shoulder. But, adorable bag - and , the fact that it didn't suit me/my needs doesn't mean it won't suit you! You have to try one in person to find out for yourself. Good luck!
  4. Roxy is a beautiful bag, but a bit heavy. I have both, and think rosie is a fab and lightweight bag when you want a sling ang go bag or running small errands. My olice Roxy is in darwin and I must admit that after carrying it for a couple of hours, I feel it in my shoulder.. Still, I'm after an oak roxy too.. but will be in NVT since I want a new one that I can make the patina on myself. It might be lighter in weight, but it's still a relatively heavy bag I think.
  5. I have a Roxanne in Darwin - its heavy and its filled with junk - but I don't have an issue with it. As for carrying on the shoulder - it depends on your size TBH - I don't find mine comfortable to carry on my shoulder - the handle drop is a little short. If you are petite then it might be better.
  6. Roxanne was my first designer bag and I can't remember how many years I 've had it now (it was from the first year mulberry produced them)
    I love it to bits, Darwin is heavy but it ages so gracefully and after certain time it softens up.
    It is quite difficult to carry on the shoulder wearing a coat, in my case I got a strap from mulberry, although I was warned that the bag is not designed to withstand load from the strap. so I only use it now and then.
    From all my bags designer or not, cheap or expensive roxanne is the best one.
  7. Well I love :love: my Darwin Roxanne's and love the size as they suit my lifestyle . I'm not small but they are quite comfortable to me on the shoulder . I don't find them heavy - I find all other bags to be light !! I guess it's all down to what you like. I have always carried large bags and to me it's normal.
    The only problem I had was with an older style Roxanne with lined ears - the handles were an inch shorter and it didn't fit on my shoulder .
    The darwin leather softens beautifully & I don't find it a problem at all under the arm - but then in my eyes Roxy can do no wrong :rolleyes:
  8. I find my new NVT Roxanne a lot softer and lighter than my older Darwin Roxanne!

    It would be really helpful for you to get to any store that has them to have a play around.

    I found my new one at Bicester for £486, so there are ways of avoiding stumping up the £750 if you really want a new one.

    There are also NVT Pre-loveds on e-bay often but you need to be really careful and make sure you have them looked at by the experts on the authentication thread here.

    Good luck with it!
  9. I've owned both glove and tumbled sheeps Roxannes and they are very light to carry. Not so traditional and classic though.
  10. I have an old darwin roxanne and tbh, I do find it heavy. Gorgeous bag though!
  11. I've had my NVT Roxanne for just 4 days and I love it!:love:

    Originally I thought I wanted a Darwin one but it's incredibly difficult to find one in good condition nowadays, so I was happy to settle for NVT in the end and now I'm glad I did because I certainly wouldn't want it to be any heavier.

    The size is just perfect for me for daytime - I carry quite a lot of work stuff with me and it's ideal (you can also carry it with the flaps up if you have A4 files, a laptop or whatever). It doesn't feel bulky if I wear it on my shoulder (because of the way it tapers I think - ie wider at the base and narrower at the top) but I must admit, I struggle to get it on my shoulder comfortably when wearing a coat (and I'm a size 12 so not humungous!!!!!:biggrin:)

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Be VERY careful with eBay though - I've been watching the Roxys for ages and there are so many fakes!:nogood:
  12. Where is your reveal mulberryfloss! Have been looking forward to this one.. :P
  13. :back2topic:
  14. Sorry I forgot to say Darwin Roxanne I find awkward on shoulder at times if wearing lots layers particularly, whereas NVT Roxanne much easier on shoulder and squishier under arm.