Advice on ridding pen marks?


Jul 21, 2006
Hi ladies, once again I need your expertise...

My togo Kelly that I've been using for a day has gotten a pen mark on the inside flap... I'm not super upset about it...but I guess I would like to know what I can do to maybe get rid of it? (other than bringing it to the store because its not a biggie, but always nice to be pen "free").
Oh...and I've tried eraser and makeup remover already...not much luck! :Push:

Or a couple years down the road, when I reburish it...they can look after it then?

Thanks so much!!! :heart:


Rising Star
Feb 26, 2006
There's a handbag-cleaning shop which I used to bring my spy bags, etc to for cleaning once in a while. I asked them and they said, sorry, pen marks cannot be removed. No way. Since then I carry my pens in a small pencil case before putting them in my bag. So sorry to hear this.

I wouldn't try using any chemical on the bag, certainly not alcohol. It can blotch it leather. Your best bag would be to bring to Hermes and see if they have any advice for you. Good luck!