Advice on returning a fake to buyer for a refund!

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  1. Ok so I bought a fake and the buyer agreed to return it then offer a refund.
    I had ofcourse requested a full refund including shipping.

    Oh and btw, before I paid for the item I warned the seller that I will have the bag authenticated incase she wanted to cancel the transaction (did not have time to authenticate and was a last minute buy).

    anyways, my questions are:

    How can I make sure I do get a full refund, including shipping?
    How do I deal with feedback? If I give her a negative, will she retaliate and how is this normally dealt with?
    Oh, and what if when I return it she says I am sending her a fake??

    Please bring on as much advice as possible...I always find everyones feedback and experience extremely helpful!
  2. Sorry you're going through this. Did you have it authenticated here or somewhere else?
    Very few if any offer refund including shipping.
    You can leave negative feedback, but be prepared to take a retaliatory one. You can always address it in your follow-up feedback.
    You're the buyer and if you have email that she admits that it's a fake, you can provide that to ebay/ paypal.
    Since she's offering a refund, I'd take it and worry about leaving feedback after I have money in hand(or bank) Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the advice!

    After I received I had it authenticated here and at!
  4. Have you started a PayPal claim? What brand was the bag?

    I was confused by your first line, but so the seller has already agree to give you a refund? You can send it back with a security tag (do a search) to make sure the one she tries to claim is the one you sent is actually the one you sent.

    I don't know what you can do if she leaves you a negative feedback in response to your's.
  5. Please make sure you have a copy of the original listing as I recently bought a fake Hermes bag. When I went to check the listing, it had been removed and the seller was no longer registered. Paypal and Ebay were useless ( Ebay can't provide a copy of the listing as it was removed and Paypal won't pay out as I would need to prove it was a fake by..yes, you guessed it....providing a copy of the listing plus a letter of authentication from Hermes!!). Credit card company won't refund for the same reason so I'm out of pocket for the bag.

    Ebay told me not to return the bag as the seller was no longer registered so they couldn't guarentee any address given as being legit so I'm stuck with a fake bag and no money...

    [sorry to sound so negative but Ebay / Paypal don't give a stuff about fake goods whether from the seller or buyer point of view - I wish you luck though in getting your money back].
  6. Hi, I wanted to suggest the obvious: when you ship the fake back to her, be sure to get signature confirmation as well. I am sad to say I have had to do this three times now. The number of fakes on the site is unbelievable and some are truly "ten-star fakes". To be absolutely safe when buying a highend designer bag on eBay, you really need to pay for the item with a credit card which credits your account in the case of a fraudulent purchase (such as a fake bag). I will never pay any other way. I remove any funds I have in my PayPal account on a daily basis; otherwise, I would not have the credit card option. Just a suggestion for future purchases. So sorry you're going through this!
  7. yes, the same exacting happened to me and paypal was useless even though I sent them a letter saying the bag was fake. I thought paypal was there to protect the buyers as well as the sellers, but they don't give a hoot. Sorry you're going thru this and best of luck to you.
  8. Sorry that happened to you. It is not encouraging that peoplee can just deregister and get off the hook. I am applying for my AMEX card tomorrow. From what I hear it is the buyers best form of protection.
  9. It really is outrageous! I bought a supposed small Coco Cabas on eBay and paid with a Visa debit card. The bag arrived, and was an awful fake. The "receipt" was an obvious fake as well (Chanel Tokyo, in yen, smeared ink). I got in touch with my bank, and they instantly credited my account because the transaction was fraudulent. The seller eventually reimbursed my bank, and had her eBay account terminated due to this transaction. Two days later, she was back on eBay under a new seller name, exact very unique-looking auctions, same fake merchandise, etc. She changed user i.d.'s at least four times before I lost track of her. Hopefully, she has now given up trying to foist her counterfeit goods on eBay buyers. I will always pay with a credit/debit card for a high-dollar item on eBay. It does require emptying your PayPal account in order to be able to have the option of paying with a credit or debit card, but it is by far the safest way to purchase on eBay.
  10. I am sorry your going through this, its the most unnerving feeling in the world knowing that you have received a fake. I had this happen to me one time, and vowed to never let it happen again. Luckily mine ended well, the seller had listed their number on their paypal account, so I called them every opportunity I got. I finally left them a message, and they called back and I informed them that they had sent me a fake. I really gave them a piece of my mind, and luckily they refunded immediately. In retrospect, I really don't think they knew they sold me a fake. But I wish you the best of luck and hope everything turns out well for you.
  11. You are so right - PayPal is pretty useless when it comes to this, BUT filing a PayPal claim will sometimes make the seller come to his/her senses and issue a refund. PayPal will freeze the money in the seller's PayPal account until the issue is resolved, and they usually do not want that. And please, do not leave any feedback until you have your money. Until you leave feedback, you hold the upper hand. Once you have your money, you can also report this seller to Trust & Safety as a seller of counterfeits.
  12. Update on my situation:

    so after I had it officially authenticated through a service, I sent the seller the e-mail. As soon as she got it she told me to return it so she can refund me.

    I sent it back and she wasn't home and its been sitting at the post office for two days waiting for her to pick it up...I gave her 24 hrs to pick it up and issue my refund and so far nothing!

    btw, all communication was done through ebay and I have the e-mail from the authenticator.

    What are my options now??? Can I still do a Chargeback??
  13. Have you filed a PayPal dispute and if so, is she aware of it? If you have not filed a PayPal dispute, go ahead and do so. If the item is returned to you, and I'm assuming your return address in on the package, escalate the dispute to a PayPal claim. PayPal may require that you send the bag to them and/or destroy it. But be sure to talk to PayPal about the situation and save everything, all emails between the two of you and even the package you shipped the bag back to her in. Filing a PP dispute will freeze the funds in her PayPal account. Escalating to a PP claim means that PayPal will make the decision and since you have all of the backup you will probably need, I'm sure they will decide in your favor. You have tried to work this out amicably. It's possible that if you go ahead and file a dispute, she will still pick up the bag and refund your money. Also, did you pay for this bag originally with a credit card? If so, call your credit card provider as well about a fraudulent transaction. I'm hoping hard for a good result for you!