Advice on reselling my 10 motif


Oct 3, 2007
My DH got me a 10-motif onyx vintage necklace for a milestone birthday last winter, but I've found that it just doesn't fit my lifestyle. I end up wearing my pendant way more. So I've decided to resell the 10-motif. I know I'm going to take a major loss, but can anyone offer advice on good places to sell it?

I've consigned a bunch of my designer goods through Ann's Fabulous Finds in the past year and had a good experience and I know there are other threads on here about consigning jewelry, but I'm wondering if anyone has specific advice about consigning VCA pieces. Is AFF a good place to sell, or are there other services I should consider?

I don't care how long it takes to sell, but I would like the process to be relatively pain free.

Thanks in advance!
Jan 20, 2011
Have you thought about Beladora? I recently purchased from them, and their customer service is outstanding. I don't know how long it will take for your necklace to sell, however. I see there is a 10-motif carnelian available on their site and it's been there a couple of months. They are in Beverly Hills. Another suggestion would be Fashionphile. Good luck!