Advice on recent eBay purchase...

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  1. So, I just rec'd my pair of Hot Pink LPs. I won the item, and I paid for them right away. The seller was delayed in shipping them, but it wasn't a big deal. The seller was suppossed to be in California, but when I finally got the tracking number the package was being sent from Singapore. This is how they arrived...

    There was no box for them to be shipped in...the seller taped the actual box! Am I being crazy for being :cursing::mad::rant::censor::rant::mad:??
  2. I would be angry too. The box is part of the selling point, and should be protected at the very least with paper, but truly it should be placed inside another box, in my opinion.

    ETA: I would let the seller know you are unhappy with the shipment. It's possible they will offer you a partial refund.
  3. I contacted the seller, and the seller hasn't replied. (Seller also didn't see the "big deal" about lying about the location of the item.) The seller is also a boy, and he stated that his mom bough the shoes and if they were returned mom would get the money but if they are sold he gets to keep the money. (this of course was not disclosed until after the shoes were paid for and shipped). [Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area or if there was an area that particularly discusses this type of issue.]
  4. Wow! Have never seen anything like this! I agree, ask for partial refund! You were bidding on a complete package - shoes and box!
  5. This guy sounds like he does not understand how people buy luxury items, so he shouldn't be selling them. I also don't know why he's bothering to tell you who gets the money. That's of no concern to a buyer. :noggin:
  6. They are gorgeous shoes! (I'm favorable to LPs, and this will be #4 of the collection), but I have a discount code to Saks which would make these same shoes only slightly more than what I paid for them from this seller. This may be the icing on the cake (because usually I don't mind that much about this from an eBay purchase), but there are no heel taps included. [reality this is the sprinkle on top of the cake] Im still infuriated about how it was "packaged" (or shall I say taped?) with the Barney's sticker and the name of the shoe showing for all to see. I'm hoping the seller is young because if the seller is an adult and doesn't realize this is not a brilliant idea...
  7. Its appalling! I would be very upset too!
    Agree with JetSetGo because the box is a major part of the product/shoe.
    So crass and inconsiderate.

    I hope at least your LPs were in good condition!
  8. LPs were perfect! I'm considering sending the entire purchase back though! For a little more money, I'd purchase them from Saks and have honesty (heel taps and a box without delivery stickers on them) :sad:
  9. If you can send em back might be better. This feels too ugh!
    You will never be happy i guess
  10. I'm just unhappy with being lied to and the extreme lack of care the seller gave to the package. But, if shipping isn't refunded, then I'm not spending my own money to internationally deliver them. The shoes themselves are in pristine condition, but I paid close to retail for them...I guess I expected the shoes to be packaged close to that (since that's how the seller said they would be).
  11. I'd be upset with the box being taped. They should have wrapped them in brown paper or something..and it would just make me wonder why they said they were from CA. Even if davey thing above board just makes you suspicious about the shoes!! I'd contact them and ask them to explain!!
  12. It sounds like the best thing to do is to return them. Just make sure you don't have to pay to send them back.
  13. Op I would be mad too .

    Doesn't eBay allow you to report the seller for misrepresentation of their location?
  14. if you paid close to retail you definitely should not have to pay the shipping cost.
    This boy/guy was deceiving about the whereabouts of the shoes as well.
    He obviously is too dumb to know how what perfect packaging is.
  15. At least my other bay purchase was muuucchh better :smile: