advice on rain boots

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  1. Can anyone suggest ideas for affordable rain boots besides Hunter? I would get Hunter rain boots but since I'm a college student that is pretty expensive for me at this time :sad: Any advice on where to get affordable rain boots that are cute looking? Thanks.
  2. wow! they don't look bad either. thanks!!
  3. Ohh...thanks!! I was just about to post about rain boots too! :smile:
  4. I see you're from NYC. I'd just walk out and see what the stores offer. I remember seeing so many cute and cheap rain boots there! Good luck ;)
  5. Definitely target and the MJ.

    CHeck Marshalls because my store had TONS of styles and various brands for about $20.
  6. do you know how the boots run. I am going to have my cousin or a friend who lives in NYC go check them out and hopefully buy a pair for me but I do not know what size to have them get. I normally wear a 6.5 sometimes a 7.

    Worse case scenario I will have them buy two sizes and figure out something to do with the other size
  7. The Hunters are worth it if you will keep them for a few years. The quality is excellent. I've heard of some of the cheaper ones getting people's feet wet and stuff. I have the liners for my hunters too and they are great for snow! SO comfy, I have two pairs now because I like them so much and one pair is for fall/spring and one winter. If I had it to do over again I wouldn't have bought dark green because they just don't look right when it's not freezing out.
  8. ^^ I agree!! The Hunter boots are amazing!! I have only wore them once though...

  9. For less expensive...the Target one's are cute:smile: