Advice on pre loved Chanel Classic Double Flap


Aug 17, 2015
I purchased a Chanel Classic Lambskin Double Flap Small on eBay a few weeks ago for $3k. From the looks of the serial code, it's most likely from 2008 but kept in good condition, with the exception of the thread on the flap coming loose and some normal corner wear. I think I might have made a pre-mature purchase because about a week later I could have used the cash on something else. I was trying to sell it back or maybe send in to a consigner like The Real Real to sell but now I'm looking at it again and it seems so pretty. Should I just sell it or call it a day and keep it?


Jan 15, 2007
Keep the bag. You liked it at least twice. Once to buy it and then when thinking of ditching it had second thoughts. If an older bag is the issue, rest assured the older pieces are better made than the newer. Having once been a collector beginning in the early 80s I saw the change.
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