Advice on Prada messenger

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  1. Been contemplating buying a messenger - have been looking for the perfect one - light, large enough and comfy to wear. I always prefer leather, but after having returned from a trip where my water bottle opened and soaked my purse, I'm thinking I want/need something low maintenance - so here's my question: who has a prada nylon messenger, what style and why do you like that particular one?

    Any advice is much appreciated! :yes:
  2. I have about 4 awesome NYLON ones..Ill try to post pics for ya tomorrow(in bed with migraine..LOL!)
    They are fab for travel.....i find the nylon Prada messengers a total essential peice to my wardrobe.
    Spent 7 days on RAINY NASTY beach weather...guess what was ALL I WORE ALL WEEK???LOLOLOL!
  3. Jill^^^ thanks - You are always so helpful and such an expert! Sorry to hear about your spoiled vacation and that you aren't feeling well - migraines are the absolute worst! :throwup: Feel better soon -
  4. ^thanks sweetie!
    Ill post pics tonight for ya..
    I like slightly different messngers...not the same boring ones everyone else has..LOL.....I have a cool floral embroidered one and a stamped one in 3 versions.Try to see if u can look at any different versions in nylon
  5. Oh i cant wait to get a prada messanger. I love the nylon.