Advice on Poppy swing hobo

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  1. I just started using a Kristin baby sage in black leather - enjoying it and breaking it in gently.

    I could not pass up the Macy's sale and have a Poppy swing hobo in black on hold. No others colors left locally. I like the idea of a second exterior pocket but dimensions seem similar otherwise.

    Is there any advantage to the Poppy?
  2. Have you seen waxed leather in person? The swing hobo is waxed leather, I had it & returned it because I didn't like the wrinkly look of that leather - its nothing like the Kristin leather
  3. I have and I agree the leather quality is different. But for carrying capacity and functionality I am wondering if the one extra pocket and general design are significantly different.
  4. I think it's a lot different. I loved the swing hobo and wish I could have kept it had it been a different type of leather. It's so comfy on the shoulder (short strap) and the 2 outside pockets are nice, even though I'm not a big fan of pushlocks (opinion again) iPhone fits easily. Great size, nice slouch, easy to use - great style just not great material (IMO) and it has the dreaded baby blue lining.

    Eta: similar capacity, but less structured.
  5. I would have gotten the swing hobo if they had made it in a different type of leather and in better colors. IMO, the baby sage is a classier bag.
  6. Yah that baby blue lining is not my favorite. I did finally realize that I think the three Poppy leather glam hang tags match outer color, inner color and hardware. I am a bit slow on this.
  7. I have the Tangerine Hobo and I love the size and how great it hangs on the shoulder and even the Crossbody is comfortable. I would go in and look at it and try it on. I would say the advantage is the shoulder strap. This is Emilybug's thread on the Tangerine Hobo. At least you can get an idea of what the bag looks like with her Mod shots.
  8. Yea her thread was what got me thinking. I really wish tangerine was still on the website. All the department store sites seem to be other colors.
  9. If I had a to choose between the Black BS or the Black swing hobo, I would choose the BS.
  10. I had the poppy swing hobo in black and loved it! Loved the waxed leather! But my daughter needed a bag to carry her iPad and a couple spirals to school, so I gave it to her.

    It's so different than the Kristin. I would snap up another, but I'm busy trying to pick up Sophia bags before they disappear.
  11. I don't have the hobo but I have the rocker in the same black waxed leather....and I love it, the fact that it has the wrinkles is what appeals to me, it gives a different look than a smooth leather. If the colors end up in outlet I will def be getting then tangerine or pink :smile: