Advice on petit shopper/medallion/square vintage ligne

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  1. Ok so after buying my first Chanel (a cambon tote) I want more!! :nuts: I'm contemplating about which one I should get next, hopefully for my birthday next month or when I go to Vegas during Christmas. Right now I have in mind the petit shopper, medallion tote, or square vintage ligne tote. Do you ladies know what colors either of them come in? I'm leaning toward black or beige though. Which one would be a great everyday tote for school/work? If anyone has any problems with either of them? I like these because they're kind of a medium size and not too small or too big looking (although I love big bags anyway). I want something essential that I can use for a long time. I would also love to get a classic flap in the future but I don't think I'd have much use for it now and don't find it that useful other than for going out (since I hardly go out to nice places and spend most of my time at school or work). Thanks for any info or advice! :flowers:
  2. petit shopper :love: comes in black, white, beige, pink..theres more..
  3. i saw a medallion tote in beige a couple days ago. And a beige petit shopper.
  4. the square vintage comes in black, white, dark burgundyish brown, and a lighter brown.
  5. medallion tote-beige,white,silver,black,pink and red
    black comes in silver or gold hardware
  6. ok now that I have power again...Thanks for the replies about the colors. Does anyone have comments about any of the bags. Thanks!
  7. petit shopper is hot!
  8. SV is comfy!
  9. Between the 3, I prefer the Square Vintage, but the other 2 will be slightly more durable. The Vintage is bigger and much softer though.
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