Advice on PayPal Dispute

  1. I bought a bag and when it arrived it had a Nordstrom refurbished tag and a gold rive through the inside lining. This was not disclosed in the original auction and I immediately contacted the seller.

    The seller OK'd the return immediately and promised to have the refund done within 4 days of receiving the package. I sent the package and they never picked it up and didn't respond to my communications, so I filed a dispute.

    They claimed they didn't know it required a signature and said they'd let me know the status of things. The USPS tracking number indicates the package was delivered (with a signature) on Aug. 15. Today marks 4 full business days after they received the package and I haven't heard a word from them.

    I asked through the dispute about the status of the refund. How long should I wait before escalating this to a claim? I know I have a total of 20 days on the dispute before I have to, but when would it be wise to do so? It has been 6 days total since they've received the bag back and I have no word from them whatsoever.

    And should I involve the credit card company? I hear that PayPal gets upset over stopping payment, but should I contact the CC to let them know of the dispute?

    I am just so frustrated. It appeared the return and refund would be happily accepted and easy and I can't get them to communicate, even through the dispute. :confused1:
  2. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Such craziness! You don't mention whether you've been sending notes to the seller during all this. At this point they are behaving oddly at best. I would send a note telling them you'd rather not escalate to a claim, but that is what you will have to do if you don't hear back within 24 hours.

    I think you still have time to file with your cc, so it's probably okay to let paypal do their thing for the time being. Just be glad you did pay with a cc! :sad: Good luck!
  3. I would email the seller via the dispute console if possible, otherwise through eBay and tell them that you are planning to escalate your dispute to a claim by such and such date- say by Friday, unless you here from them regarding your refund.

    I think it's always best to try and give people a chance to make good. But maybe I'm naive or optomistic

    Usually I've had good luck when giving people a set deadline of when I will act. If they don't make contact with you, then you could go ahead a file a claim.

    You could contact your credit card company and let them know there is a dispute, usually they've sent me some paperwork to fill out. When I had the paperwork filled out, I felt reassured that I had a backup plan if I didn't get a refund.

    Good luck! Keep all your emails from the seller and print a hard copy of them
  4. If you're upset, I'd escalate. You've tried to communicate, they won't respond.
  5. Yes, I had kept in communication with them through eBay to let them know the tracking number, that the package was available at the post office or they could call the post office to set up a delivery time, etc. I really, really tried to get things settled before I filed the dispute.

    Through the dispute I of course posted what happened and asked that they please pick up the package and process the refund. They responded and said they didn't know it required a signature and ended that message with a, "Thanks!" It seemed it had been a misunderstanding (or they were just idiots, since I'd already told them it needed to be picked up!).

    The package was delivered the second day after I filed the dispute, so it appeared they were following through with their agreement. Now, 6 days later, still not a word. I left a message through the dispute this morning asking if the refund would be completed today, as per our agreement. No word.

    How long does a person have to stop payment on a CC? This original transaction was on July 23! I felt I had been really patient before escalating it to a dispute. Now I am just sick of it and I want my money back! How does PayPal decide who is "worthy" of getting their money back if I file a claim?
  6. You need to make sure that you don't miss any of paypal's deadlines, I think that it's 45 days to file a claim, but I haven't read the policies recently. I once missed the deadline years ago, and I have since learned my lesson.

    If you have proof that the package was delivered, I'm pretty sure that paypal will decide in your favor. Try and read paypal's buyer protection policies and make sure you follow each step. That makes getting your money back much easier.

    I can't remember, but I think I had either 60 or 90 days for file a dispute of charges with my credit card company.
  7. ESCALATE IT... you have delivery confirmation... Before they close the paypal account and you don't get your money. There must be a better way for paypal to do dispute resolution.
  8. I would escalate it as well, it doesn't take 6 days to hit the "refund money" button on the transaction.

    You have gone above and beyond your duties as a buyer.....they should refund.

    Good luck
  9. I agree, if you have entered in all the information regarding your side of the story, then escalate the claim. Good luck!