Advice on Paddys!!!

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  1. If I have to choose between the two...I say the cross body. The tall satchel is not going to be comfortable on the shoulder all day.
  2. Any other suggestions of types of paddys are welcome!
  3. I am curious; I have never seen a paddington IRL. Do you have to unlock the padlock everytime you want to get into your bag?
  4. I bought the classic Paddington from NAP and returned it becuase I didn't like the way the paddlock was in the way....
  5. well i have the tall satchel and in my opinion its actually not that big as the pictures on NM as when i use it it seems to be more squarish in shape, and it does fit on my shoulder pretty comfortably.:yes: :wlae:
  6. I'm really leaning towards that one actually, I love the side pockets and everything. Does it sit nice on the arms, or do you have to hold on with your hands? also do the straps fit under the shoulder?
  7. BTW, how do you deal with the padlock issue? How does it stay on when you need to access the bag frequently?

  8. yes it does sit nicely hanging on the crook of my arms too, i find that more comfortable than holding it with my hands. yup and it does fit under the shoulder, thats the way i carry my paddy most of the time by slinging it over the shoulder. as for the padlock, i just have to flip it over to open the bag. hope that helps:yes:
  9. oops i didnt read that part about how it stays on, well if im not misreading your question, the padlock itself does not have to be unlocked to open the bag, so it does stay on as u just have to flip it across, and i find that leaving one side of the zippers open makes it easier to get my stuff inside the bag.
  10. yep diabro is definitely authentic. but i have read on other threads, that when u add taxes it may not be that cheap. its worth checking that out.
  11. Have you checked out NM yet? They have a ton of Chloes on sale on their website.
  12. Well its $844 at diabro and NM has it for $1800 so its definitley cheaper and not many other sites have it! Aloharag has it for $1650, but not in black!!!
  13. I don't know what is on sale specifically at NM, but I know that they are having their first cut right now.
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