Advice on next purchase

  1. Looking for advice from you Hermes experts (I am just learning).

    I have been browsing through the eBay listing for hermes- am looking for a another Hermes for my collection- does not have to be a Kelly or Birkin (but I won't refuse a good deal).

    I have: a 30 cm black Kelly, 30 cm black Birkin (silver hardware).
    Dark brown 35 cm Birkin (gold hardware).
    Gold 30 cm Birkin (silver hardware).
    Red (orange piping)- 30 cm Kelly (silver).
    Blue Jean 35 cm Birkin (silver hardware).
    35 cm-taupe/combination-?linen-like(unsure of the material) Birkin.

    I am ashamed to admit I also have a fake Birkin (got gipped once on eBay).
    Vintage crocodile (good condition)-black Kelly (30 cm)-gold hardware

    Any help is appreciated
  2. It seems you have quite a collection already! Congrats! :p

    What are you looking for exactly; bigger bag, different from the ones you have already, for what use, in a different leather / exotic skin?

    Birkins are very comfy in daily use as they hold so much. I prefer the 35 size, or 40 as a light travel bag. My favorite H bag is however the Kelly, which I love for it's timeless elegance. A rigid Kelly is very conservative when again in a souple leather you can use it daily and wear it with everything. Maybe you would like to get another Kelly bag?

    The small kellys and birkins work well with evening wear, maybe you should consider a cute kelly clutch?

    Beside Birkins and Kellys I love the Paris Bombay bag and the Masai. Check for example

    Good luck with the search!:tup:
  3. Thanks for the information-also for the link- I was not aware of this site for Hermes.:smile: