Advice on next Chanel bag: Classic Flap or GST?

  1. Hi all Chanel lovers,

    i just wanted some advice on what i should get next. What i have in mind is either the GST in Black with G/H or the Med Classic flap in Black Caviar with either S/H or G/H (can't decide).

    I currently own 2 Med Classic Flaps in Beige Lambskin, and in Pink Tweed, 1 E-W in White Caviar with S/H, 1 Black lambskin top handle Kelly bag.

    I would really like a black caviar but cant decide which model! And i cant afford both so i have to choose between the 2..for now.. I like the GST cos its roomy but casual, & the classic cos its...classic but more dressy compared to the GST.

    Some advice would be greatly needed!
  2. Hi and welcome! Seems like you are a flap lover to me, since you already own a few pair of flaps. If you want your next bag to be more practical and easier to get in and out off, then I would suggest the GST.

    If not, then I would add the medium caviar or maybe the Jumbo caviar flap to your collection.
  3. thanks, from my knowledge the GST doesnt come by very often does it? I actually saw it once when i happened to make a trip to the boutique, the SA told me it just came in a few hours ago. I hadn't considered it as 1 of the pieces i really wanted then so i let it go. I went in again the next day and it was goneeee...

    i totally regret it now =(
  4. The GST is part of the permanent classic collection, so I'm sure they will get new ones in when they receive new stock.

    If you want it really bad, then ask the SA to put your name down and to call you when the new stock comes in.
  5. u should go for gst it would be another add 2 ur collection in a different style .. they go with everythin like u said its more useful for many other ocassions.. not juz dressy evnthough flaps in black can be used as "not" dressy wit da right outfit.. only reason i tell u go 4 gst its cuz its different from wut u have.. luck inu r buy..:flowers:
  6. sounds like you need to switch it up with a GST!
  7. I am in the same boat. I bought the GST black with silver hardware and love how it looks but dont love the bulkiness. I am also torn. But for you since u already have 2 flaps I would see if u can locate the gst ans see how it suits you. It is really a beautiful bag. Keep us informed about your decision.
  8. You have flaps so I would go for the GST. If you want something smaller, have you considered the PST? I have the GST in black with silver hardware as I thought the gold was a bit much for me. If you do go for the medium flap then I would say for for the gold as I love the black flaps with gold.
  9. I would go for the GST, since you already have flaps. The GST is more pratical, too, IMO.
  10. I was in the same situation last week and got a GST eventually.
  11. I would choose the GST if you need a more practical bag....Have you considered the jumbo flap?
  12. thanks for all the replies!

    i agree with all of you that the GST is a good practical bag. & i love the fact that caviar is so much easier to maintain than lambskin & fabric. for the PST i think it would be a bit small, i want a roomy shopping bag where i can just throw everything in. & for the small price difference i would def go for the GST

    as for the jumbo flap, between the med & jumbo, i think the med looks better on me cos i have a rather small frame. whereas the GST should look ok since it is tote bag, rather than a structured handbag style if you know what i mean..

    i still love the flap though! always dreamed of collecting it by colour since i was a little girl!
  13. from wat i can tell here, it seems that u are sort of decided wat bag u want, i believe it's the GST as it's more practical and roomy and also for a change.

    Besides, I can see that most of ur current collections are flaps.
  14. yup! i am going for the GST!

    there are 2 on eBay now, i might decide to bid for it after the authenticity has been confirmed
  15. Please show us pics once you get it! GST is a good choice since you already have few flaps. Goodluck!