Advice on next bag style to get?

  1. Hi, I just ordered a darling Ciao Ciao in Paradiso from SH (or more like, my boyfriend feels that birthday presents are retroactive and got it for me lol. He's just the greatest. :biggrin:) Anyway, I can get ONE more bag. (Which I've said before lol. XD) And I want it to be in FORESTA. But I'm a little stuck on the style.

    I know it has to be Foresta. And it must be a little big (Bambinone is the smallest I'd like). So..I already have an Amore BV and a Paradiso Ciao Ciao coming up...what should my last (maybe XD) bag in foresta be? Nothing smaller than bambinone please. XD

  2. Congrats on your bag!:tup: Sweet Boyfriend.. Well I think the only bag worth getting in Foresta is a Ciao Ciao because then you can get ALMOST everything of the print... Unless you LOVE part of the print and do not mind getting just that scene in a bag.. I have a Foresta Ciao Ciao and its one of my fav bags..
  3. I'd say a stellina, because they're so cute... but mm, so tough to make a decision! Gioco, zucca... they're all so excellent with foresta!
  4. If you have your heart set on foresta, I would suggest going on eBay, looking at what's commonly available and decide from there. Because I would hate for you to decide on a style and not be able to get it since certain styles are hard to come by. Of course if you have patient, something might eventually show up.

    I personally think foresta look great on everything, so don't think you can go wrong with any styles.
  5. Yea, I agree with qtiekiki. Foresta is hard to find and you better start looking on eBay to see which styles are available, rather than decided on a style that is not available for sale.