Advice on next bag - Small 16 or Nano Luggage

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  1. Hello fellow Tpfers and Celine affictionados :wave:

    I am looking to buy a new bag for everyday use, and was hoping you could offer some valuable advice and insight.

    I tend to opt for flap bags and small top handles with a crossbody strap, and thus my eyes have landed on the small 16 in satinized beige leather, or a nano Luggage - colour and leather undecided as I would prefer smooth leather in a beige colour here as well. Eventually I have looked at the Souris in drummed leather, which I suppose would be a safer and more durable choice. But alas it doesn't quite sing to me as I'm usually a strictly smooth leather type of girl. Also, for some reason, I'm not too keen on the suede interior.

    Small 16.jpg Nano Lugggage.jpg

    However, my probably most used bag is a nano Sac De Jour in grained navy blue leather with python details, so I would be open to concider practicality on this one, as I do have a talent for buying pretty bags that can be difficult to use.

    I already own two Classic Box bags and used to own a Mini Tricolour Luggage that I sold off because it was too heavy. I still dream about the heavenly leather on that one, with a smooth brown frame and satinized beige panel. The latter probably being the reason why I'm so drawn to the 16. I never got any colour tranfser on that bag, but am worried about the 16 regardless.

    Also I would like a bag that could stand being caught in a small drizzle, unlike the Classic Box.

    So, basically, does anyone own or have any experience with one or both bags? I would especially love to hear if anyone has owned the 16 for a little while and can tell how the leather holds up? Any colour transfer issues with either leather? And does the drummed leather soften and loose shape with time?

    For reference; I'm closing on 30, am 5'4, Scandinavian and wear a lot of neutral colors, but also have a weakness for Marant prints.

    Sorry for the long post!
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  2. I don't own either bag but I absolutely love the way the 16 bag looks. It's rare for a bag to be love-at-first-sight for me, but this one definitely did that for me.

    I think that the grained calfskin version would be more practical, even though you said you like smooth leather more. While the satinated calfskin feels a lot more resilient than box calfskin, a grained finish can hide scratches, and also water damage should your bag get caught in a downpour. Smooth leather would show the resulting damage more.

    The Luggage has an open top, so it will be easier to get things in and out of your bag, much like your Sac de Jour. But the 16 looks a lot more elegant in my opinion. 188003BF8.02BG_2_SUM19_250100v2.jpg
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  3. I don’t own either in nano size but I had a feel of the 16 bag (mini) in store. It seems to me like it would be difficult to open and close the flap if you’re carrying it either on your arm or on your shoulder. Whereas the luggage is definitely easy to get things in and out of.

    The 16 bag in smooth leather definitely feels very luxurious, but if you’re someone who (like me) hits things often or likes a low maintenance bag, then perhaps the pebbles would be better. I did go into Celine when 16 first came out because I was looking for a work bag. At that time, my store only had the smooth leather and I lightly brushed my fingernail against it. There was definitely a line but it could be rubbed out.

    I also did hear that the nano luggage strap is a little long for some people, and have tried it in store. Personally, I’m 5’ 3 and it sits slightly below the middle of my hip - a little longer than I’d like. You could always google for mod shots to get a gauge. The strap length cannot be switched up as well. But if you’ve got other straps then this should be okay with ya.

    A personal opinion is that I feel that the sides being held up by the straps are kind of ugly... Which is why I’d always go for a micro or mini luggage.

    All in all I think they’re both very different bags and it really depends on which you’d get more pleasure out of? Like if you’re a working professional that wants to bring it as a smaller work bag for essentials then go with the 16. If you’re planning to use it going out or on the weekends, then the luggage is probably better.
  4. I agree, they are both great but not exactly the same style: I feel the nano is a bit more casual/cool and functional, whereas the 16 looks very elegant/dressy/ladylike.
    It depends of you style of course, but I feel the nano might be more versatile (= can go from everyday bag to more dressy) whereas the 16 will be more of a « dressy » bag.
  5. Thank you all for your opinions and advice! I really appreciate it :smile:

    When I first saw pictures of this new design I actually didn't care too much for it. But then I saw it in real life when picking up another bag in April and thought it looked so beautiful, elegant and well made, that it's been stuck in my mind ever since. I feel like there hasn't been too much love for this bag, so nice to see someone else who finds it as beautiful as I do! I have to admit though, as much as I like smooth leather, that grained one you posted looks really lovely too. Something to think about.

    I agree that they're two very different bags! I suppose the sensible person in me says that the nano would be a great workhorse and probably just what I need (though need is a relative term here). But then the 16 came into the picture and stole my heart. I had the opportunity to try it on the other day in store, and have to say it worked surprisingly well with my rather casual summerdress and sandals.
    But still a dressier-looking bag for sure. I did not try opening it while wearing it on the shoulder, but it seemed like it would be similar to opening and closing a Classic Flap, so not as carefree as the nano Luggage.

    The strap on the nano does sit a bit low however, and ever since reading your comment about how the strap is fastened I can't seem to get past it! I never noticed it before, but now it's all I see...
    Also as I've owned a mini Luggage in the past I'm questioning whether I want to "go back down that road".

    Thanks for your input! I do agree that they're probably not the best bags to put up against each other as they're indeed quite different. I do love how versatile and carefree the nano would be, whereas my heart somehow just loves the 16 more.
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  6. Perhaps you could go in store and try the 16 on and see how it goes! I am in love with the 16 as well but in the larger sizes (for notebooks and perhaps a small iPad) and I figured that it’d be inconvenient to get in and out of it which is why i didn’t purchase it. Am considering the small one though!

    Oh and sorry for putting that thought in your head! One thing I find helps is to consider the reasons why you stopped using a certain bag and if it’s be applicable to your current situation and perhaps down the road!
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  7. I think you have your answer then... The heart wants what it wants! When it comes to luxury goods, I don't think we should "settle" on something beacause it is more practical, I think we should maximize the joy it brings us! My advice would be to go for the 16 if it is the bag you desire the most :smile:.
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  8. The LE 16 is very beautiful. The top handle, flap design and smooth leather looks so stunning. Nano Luggage looks much more casual in comparison.
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  9. Thank you for chiming in! I very much agree and have decided on going for the 16 over the nano Luggage. Just waiting to pull the trigger.
  10. I feel compelled to say that I'm a Marant lover too. I'm glad she has a men's line now. Anyway, I still prefer the nano luggage because it has that classic romanticism story to it. You can wear it on casual dates with your significant other and it seems like it is durable. My sister and I love the look of it. The 16 is gorgeous but had more of an older vibe to it. You're so young still and I think you will enjoy the exuberant offerings of the nano luggage more. However, if you are looking for more elegance, the 16 is the way to go. :biggrin:
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  11. Ah! Marant is the best :love: And the men's line is really good too! Thanks for offering a different perspective. I do see your reasoning and the Luggage nano is certainly younger and easier to use. However I am drawn to sleek, minimalist styles and find the 16 very appealing in this sense. Also the leather is just divine! But I do worry it might be too "old" for me... Maybe that's why I haven't pulled the trigger yet? The length of the shoulder strap on the nano however is an issue for me as I'm only 164cm. So I don't know... Maybe I should just wait for my next big bag infatuation to come. Cause there's always another one around the corner :girlsigh:
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  12. I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I just bought the 16, so I have to give me two-cents!

    I was in New York at the end of September. I had an appointment at Saint Laurent and was going to peak at Louis Vuitton, so I figured a little harmless browsing at Saks wouldn’t hurt...until I saw the Celine 16. I instantly fell hard for the small green satinated one, but did not intent to spend that much or buy multiple bags.

    On my last day, before heading to the airport, I went back and bought it. They’re so beautiful and surprisingly roomy/practical! I also love that not everyone has it. I’m kind of bored with the Luggage bags, though, too.
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  13. picture of the green one! Is it called Amazone?
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  14. Yes, it’s Amazone!

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  15. Posh!!!!! Such a nice bag, it reminds me of the kelly bag