advice on new Mulberry bag

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2010
    I've got a black Bayswater bag and find it a bit heavy so don't use it much. I have also stopped working and am at home with children full time so something 'hands-free' and smaller would be more suitable. I am based in London. Any recommendations for a new Mulberry would be appreciated.. Thanks
  2. I would suggest Alexa! It is very comfortable and light worn across body so that you have your hands free to deal with children. Would maybe recommend ink or oak leopard colour as bags are darker and perhaps less likely to show marks from sticky hands? If you need to put in wet wipes/nappies then oversize would be better than regular but I suppose this could get heavy worn as messenger? Maybe go for a regular and keep all baby bits in baby change bag clipped to pushchair?

    If you wanted to spend less on a bag, the anthony cross body style would be great for keeping your bits and bobs in.

    Hope that helps a tiny bit!
  3. How old are your kids- gives us some idea how much stuff you need to carry for them? Personally I save my Mulberries for days without the kids. Can't bear the idea of sticky fingers, muddy feet, spillages and incidents near an expensive bag!!!
  4. Mitzy messenger is another option if you can source one in the traditional colours like black or oak. The spongy leather is very forgiving (even sticky hands!) and it's a great all-rounder bag. Plus, handle can be doubled up to turn it into a shoulder bag.
  5. Thanks very much. I have a 6 months old baby and a 4 year old. I will be keeping baby things in the separate changing bag so am looking for something not too big for my wallet (mine is quite big), mobile, sunglasses (for rear occasions I need them in London) and few other small items. I like daria too and Alexa looks great, I just thought that Alexa would be heavy! What colour daria do you like? and which Alexa? I do need darker colours with kids!
  6. Sorry I cant advise as Im not a mum but a capacious crossbody style would seem to be the way to go.

    I was just contemplating how to get a longer strap on a Blenheim - but its own strap is fastened by buckles?
  7. Mitzy messenger or small hobo would be good. An anthony is small and neat but probably won't carry everything you need. Maybe a seth would suit better? all available in different colours ....daria satchel would be another choice , maybe a bit smarter and available in brighter colours depending on your style.
  8. For what it's worth I would hang onto the bays as it's a classic and will always be in fashion , if and when you return to work I'm sure you'll use it again
  9. Just a reminder - No WTS/WTB references.
  10. i have a toddler and also find bays a bit heavy and find it easier to use messenger i have daria satchel and have just got a mitzy messenger i tried the antony but found it a bit to small, because even tho i have a bag for dd i still end up carrying bits and bobs too. hope that helps, let us know what you decide. good luck
  11. I would recommedn mitzy messegner too - its a fab bag for a medium amount of stuff.
  12. I think that alexa in OL might be best for not showing marks? Regular would fit all the stuff you say you want to put in in. Ink is also dark but with it all being one colour I suppose that any smudges/variations/scratches may stand out more than on the mottled leopard. But, it does depend on what you wear. If your clothes are mostly plain then leopard would be great with most things. if your clothes are mostly patterned though than leopard would not be the best choice for a bag you hope to use everyday. Daria satchel is also gorgeous. I have not tried one so cannot comment on comfort but must say that it is a very atrractibe looking bag. Not sure if it can be worn messenger style? Alexa can be and this is major benefit with kids as I think a shoulder bag could tend to fall off with bending down/holding little hands/ carrying baby around! last think you want is your Mulberry hitting the floor, lol.
  13. I would recommend two different bags; Daria satchel - versatile bag in spongy leather, which is easy to wipe off. Can be worn messenger style, and shoulder when handles are doubled up.This bag is both chic and casual, depending what you wear and how you wear it! My other choice is Mitzy messenger, very comfy bag! The pebbled leather is also easy-maintenance, more casual looking than the Daria, imo. Mitzy can also be worn different ways, both messenger style and shoulder when the strap is knotted.
  14. I think the Alexa might be too formal for what you're looking for. I'd suggest the Daria satchel as it can be carried three ways or the Mitzy messenger. I have a black one and it's such a durable, forgiving bag. It definitely wouldn't show any sticky finger marks!
  15. what about a mitzy messenger they look like great bags!