Advice on neutral colors and leather combo

  1. Alright ladies, I'm well and truly stumped. I must've changed my SO a million times and I'm sure my SA is going to tear her hair out when she sees another one of my "I think I'll change the color to...." emails.

    I'd like another Birkin 30 in a neutral color. I'm thinking black, gold, etoupe, ebene, marron fonce. I'm a huge chevre lover but at this point (never thought I'd say this), I'm all Chevred out. I'd prefer to stick to Clemence as I get high on the smell :p Honestly, I love how colors appear more vibrant in Clemence and one can't go wrong with the tough leather.

    Which color do you think I should go for?
  2. I recently got a an etoupe birkin 30 in clemence with PHW. Love it. I think it's very elegant.
  3. Would you mind sharing a photo or two? I've seen Etoupe in Swift and Chevre de Coromandel but never in Clemence.
  4. birkingal, do you like box calf? The new Adroise and Toundra are very nice and classy neutrals IMO.
  5. ^I love box calf but on a Kelly. Do Adroise and Toundra come in Clemence? I don't think I've seen these two colors before.

    Joy88, how did I miss your thread?! I love it.
  6. Both are new AW2007 colours. Not seen on H bags yet.

    Both colours will be launched in boxcalf first. I have not seen these colours in other leathers.

    A new Clemence colour is Cafe. Which is very close to Chocoloate Togo IMO.
  7. ^ It would be interesting to see the new AW colour.
  8. BG, what colouring is your wardrobe, mainly?
  9. Etoupe clemence is very lovely!
  10. Marron Fonce is pretty and Etoupe is just beautiful.
  11. Let's see - white, black, grey, olive, red, blue, navy, beige, green. My wardrobe has gotten more colorful over the years. I need a color that goes with everything. I don't want to have to rack my brain just thinking about matching colors.

    I'd love to see what the new AW color looks like. I'll need to make up my mind fast as the July Podium is fast approaching.
  12. Etoupe in clemence is my new favorite neutral. It is a beautiful color -- and elegant. I have gold togo, which is a great color that seems to go with many colors as well, but a bit warmer than etoupe.
  13. I think etoupe is lovely. Would love to own something in the color too.
  14. With the colors in your wardrobe, I'd consider Etoupe for sure OR Graphite. Do you live in a big city? Sometimes, where we live and weather also figures into the decisions we make about bag color/leather.