Advice on My First LV Purchase

Dec 6, 2012
Hey ladies (and gentlemen)! I was wondering if you all could help me decide on what my first LV bag should be. At first, I was smitten over the Speedy 30, as I see soooo many women carry them around. They're great everyday bags and are classic. But then I saw the Deauville/Trouville. I fell in love. Even though this bag is originally supposed to be a toiletry/travel bag, I figured I could still rock this for an everyday bag! Now, I'm smitten over the Manhattan's so stylish, classy, and different. I havent seen anyone with this bag.

So, here's my dilemma. Which one should I buy as my FIRST LV purchase? I'd be getting either one preloved so cost isn't too much of a deciding factor. Manhattan PM, Deauville, or Speedy? What bag was your first bag? If you own any of these three options, what are your thoughts? Thanks!!!


Aug 17, 2013
I think you should buy the one that you love the most (no matter what style) ;)
Just trust your gut feeling.
My first bag was Totally MM and recently I bought Tivoli GM, just because of the above reasons.
Good luck with your choice!


Apr 28, 2012
I think everyone needs a speedy in their collection but I agree buy the one that you love the most , my first LV bag was a speedy 30 but i soon realised that i prefer shoulder bags so she doesn't get much use but i can't bring myself to part with her ... good luck with your decision .


Sep 23, 2013
Go with your gut! And think about how you'd use the bag and your lifestyle. It seems like you really like the arm-carry bags.

For my lifestyle, it wouldn't work, but I do like the classic speedy look. It's iconic. If you want something different, go with your gut and get the Manhattan.

Also what might help you is deciding on print to get ... DE, DA or Mono. :smile:

My purchases have all been pre-loved. From the Galliera to the Croissant -- both authenticated courtesy of the lovely mods here. Both shoulder bags.


Feb 6, 2013
for first bag I would go with the speedy cus it's like a first taste of the brand and it is an amazing bag, it has so many designes sizes and types you ca never go wrong with it
but if you like it less than the Manhattan I would go with it - you should feel certain and complete with your bag so get the one you love and fits you the most - even try them all on ant than decide.


Sloths and Sparkles
Mar 9, 2013
I love all the bags you've mentioned, so I can understand why you're torn!! I personally think the Manhattan is so unique and beautiful, but you are the one buying the bag! Go with what you think you'll use the most (everyone has given great advice) and I second their ideas. However if it was me, I'd go Manhattan :smile:


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
Do you want a Monogram bag, or would you have picked the Speedy in a different canvas/material?

I think the chances are you'll still want a Speedy at some point anyway, but why not start off with a Manhattan since you like that it's less common?


Jan 10, 2013
Speedy 30 was my first bag 11 years ago. She is still in my rotation and I still love using her.

Let me preface by saying that I do not own the Manhatten but I read lot of people complained about the weight of the Manhatten. Again, I do not know this first hand, only what is in the thread of purchase you regret. Maybe read that thread to get everyone's thoughts?

Good luck!


Oct 30, 2012
Tough. My first LV was a speedy 25 DE. I loved and still love it. I think everyone should have a speedy in their collection. I wouldn't say I'm a handheld bag kinda girl but I def have 2 speedys and enjoy using them both. I say go with what you can see yourself using the most. You don't want your first LV sitting in the closet most of the time because it wasn't practical for you currently. Let us know what you decide.


thinking of LV.
Oct 18, 2013
speedy...classic or not, just doesn't fit into my lifestyle. thats why i opt in for the one with strap. if handheld is not an issue for you, for looks the manhattan gets my vote. if you're planning to use it as a everyday bag, then the speedy would be the most light weight and fit the most items. good luck with your decision.
My first bag was a speedy - which actually made me realise I love hand held bags. No matter what anyone says, get the one you love otherwise you'll regret it.

P.S. Don't think "practically" - a Louis Vuitton bag isn't practical. :biggrin: Buy the one you love.

P. P. S. - sorry didn't mean my practical comment in response to any of the advice below. Just something I say to myself when I'm buying one.