Advice on my first LV purchace please!

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  1. I love the way that the Batignolles Verticle has shoulder straps and I love the shape...But it doesn't zip at the top!:sad: I just wouldn't feel secure.

    What do you ladies think of the Cabas Piano? I never see it mentioned on the forum, but I love the fact that it zips. I also love the shape...very classic. I'm an LV virgin, so help me out.:lol:


  2. I love it even though most people hate the leather bottom because it will get dirty.
  3. I am pretty sure Angela Jolie has that...I think it's perfect!
  4. I looked at this bag before I bought my Bat. Horizontal. It's nice, but if I remember correctly, a bit smaller than the Batignolles. You might look at the dimensions of the Cabas Mezzo; it's a bit larger.
  5. Thank you; I didn't think about that...Back to the Batignolles.:lol:
  6. I far prefer the batignolles, simply because the shape is more collected and the bottom isn't so prone to dirtiness.
  7. I love the Cabas family!! I think the Piano is nice, the botton getting dirty has never been an issue for me. Piano is sort of small for me though. I tried on BH again and it is very nice, very roomy, didn't try BV though. Maybe check out Vavin GM as well?
  8. My co-worker has a Cabas Piano and she loves it! I think hers has a pretty nice patina on it, but not sure of the bottom.
  9. can u guys advise me what the attraction about LV logo bags are? Because they are canvas (not even leather) and the logo thing really puts me off from wanting to buy one. I think the theda and the speedy styles are quite nice, but the other styles are a bit boring. If i have to spend that amount of money on a bag i would definately buy leather ones with no logos.
  10. Everybody has different things they like and would spend $$ on, I think reasonable people accept that rather than criticize those with different tastes. Clearly Mono Canvas long ago reached iconic status so clearly lots of people do love that "logo canvas" Is it OK not to--of course!
  11. I agree with BagLovingMom. The LV logo bags are so iconic that there is a lot of appeal for people out there - although you may be spending a lot of money, the bag and style will definitely last for years to come. Personally, I'm not a fan of "logos" in general, but I can definitely appreciate a lovely bag when I see one - with or without logos.
  12. Chacun a son gout. Everyone likes different things, that's what makes this forum so much fun!
  13. I am not saying that I dont respect people for their choices, I just want to ask their comments. To be honest, I would actually want to have a LV obsession than my current obsessions with other brands because these LVs bags are durable and the styles are classic and wont change and thus a spending would be an investment unlike the bags I am currently buying which are more expensive and also possibly not long lasting in terms of style like LV. But I still cant justify buying LV bags because I dont really like logo bags in general, especially when they are in canvas not leather, but I if I have to buy one I will get the Speedy 25 or prefably the Theda which I think is a great, elegant, fashionable and trendy shape.
  14. I think you've expressed here the primary reasons that many of us like LV bags. Many of their styles are true classics, and their reputation for workmanship and durability make the bags desirable. I think we all like different things, and you should go with what moves you. There are a lot of bags that I can appreciate the beauty of but not want to own because they're not "me".
  15. I think the LV bags are an aquired taste. That being said honestly,they really aren't that pretty and they are just canvas. I just bought (ordered) my first LV and for 2 main reasons, the bag will probably last the rest of my life both quality and style wise and it is iconic, a timeless classic.