Advice on my first Gucci Outlet purchace please

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  1. I am trying to decide what to purchace. I would rather order from the outlet because If I see it on sale later I'll be upset. I really have no clue what the outlets have. I am gonna try to stay around or under 500. Any advice on what to look into getting? Also does anyone know how much a boston is? How much a tattoo boston is at outlets? I called 2 one told me 398 and the other of them had to of been mistaken or does the outlets vary? Also I am loving the small joy tattoo I seen on here but not sure if I can do a bag that small. Oh and I am 30 but look 28:P:P Is the tattoo style to young for me? Anyways any thoughts or advice would be wonderful! Thanks for reading:biggrin:
  2. Have you looked at the outlet thread? They post the emails the SA at the outlets email people on the mailing lists. You can ask to be put on the mailing list as well. Good luck!
  3. The medium Tattoo Bostons are $489 but the white one is $419. The small Boston is $398. I think the small is a little too small, you can't fit much in it.

    I don't think the Tattoo style is too young for you, I'm older than you and I love them.
  4. btw... there might also be price different by the color of the tattoo bag..
    e.g. medium beige tattoo tote is $249, but medium blue tattoo tote is $489
    while large blue tattoo tote is $399.. don't know why.. so when you call, make sure you specific the size and color of the bag.
  5. Beige medium just $249? Wow! Hmmm do I want beige or blue?lol
  6. I just called and they said 349 :sad: so I am assuming the 249 was a typo or do outlet prices vary?
  7. sorry that is just a typo! I do wish it is 249 hehehe
  8. Arachne911, which bag did you end up purchasing from the outlet?
  9. what did u buy...
  10. I bought the beige/ebony tattoo tote! I kinda regret not getting the blue one just because I have so many neutral handbags. It came today I pulled it out of box before I left the house. It is so beautiful....I am going to have to inspect it in a little bit:smile: I wish I would have got a wallet but every time I got on the phone everyone seemed to busy to tell me what they had and I still havent recieved emails. I hate carring a bag with out a matching wallet,lol.
  11. I really like tha bag you got and sometimes wish I bought it too. Did they have the matching wallet? Congrats on your new bag!