Advice on MBMJ Delancy oversized tote

  1. OK, I am 22 and just started my very first job in the city, and I am looking for a "fit-it-all" bag for my daily routin. (my routin basically work/gym/class, which mean I have a lot of stuff to carry.) Rite now, I am carry 3-years-old le pliage, it's my college bag. Anyway, I want to ask you guys for advice about the MBMJ Dr Q Delancey tote or other easy carry on bag. Any recommendation?
  2. Thanks your advice. And now I am confused again! Ok, call me stupid, can you tell the difference btw pleated and delancey, besides the leather. And if the price is not difference so which one should I buy? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  3. ^^^They are the same bag. It's available in tan (cognac I guess its called), bordeaux, and chocolate too.
  4. i know the picture isn't a very good indication, but the delancey is a pretty large bag. i was considering this over the dr. q groovee (pleated tote), but when i saw it irl i decided it was more appropriate for weekend trips than as an everyday work tote. perhaps this is something you'll have to see and try on for yourself.

    the delancy and dr. q groove have similar styles. the delancy is much larger than the groovee and it costs $698 as opposed to $498, so keep that in mind as well. actually, if you take a look at this month's teen vogue, there is a mbmj ad where the model is holding the delancey. it gives a good indication of its size. don't know if this will help, but it's a little big larger and wider than the ysl oversized muse.
  5. Thanks for advices. the groove looks beautiful, But my means concern is these big textbooks.(i am taking some classes at night) plus sometimes gym stuff. So I am really looking for a big easy roomy bag. So ladies any ideas? :idea:

    p.s. for the delancey, what color is good?
  6. i saw the groove in person a while back.. and it's a wee bit heavy.. im thinking delancey would be more heavy since it's bigger..

    putting in my 2 cents.
  7. I thought so too. So any big bags suggestion?