advice on man bags for my boyfriend appreciated!

  1. hey ladies! my bf is always teasing me for the amount of time that i spend reading posts on tPF and said to me today, 'why don't you look around on there to see if there are any man-bags for me'. i searched the forums and didn't see a thread devoted to this subject, so i was wondering if any of you might be able to make some suggestions!!

    he is definitely not an LV kind of guy, and i can't imagine him spending $1000 on a balenciaga men's courier...there have to be other options out there. he prefers understated fashion/design with interesting yet not over-the-top details...

    thanks so much!:heart:
  2. Just to let you know, LV has at least three lines that are understated (plain leather, no monogramming) and very rich in styles.

    Other than that, perhaps Bottega Veneta has something. It's definetly understated. LOEWE also has some quite nice stuff, but it might be a bit "girly"?
  3. thanks for the advice, ladies! some of those look really nice. but i think he's looking for something less 'structured' yet not as casual/cliche as the timbuktu messenger bags. i shall keep looking...
  4. Oh this is cool!