Advice on LV

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mildly obsessed
Mar 24, 2008
mods, feel free to move this but hopefully none of my language is incorrect here, as I'm trying to get advice from as many LV posters as possible hence the thread.

I bought something recently - and would like to sell it online .. since I'm not a power seller on Ebay, would rather avoid that I suppose.

I am typically a Balenciaga poster on this forum and have 2-3 reputable sites for consignment/selling/trade that I use regularly but they deal mostly with bbags.

any LV girls have advice on how to get rid of your bags?? do they have a decent resale rate in general? this bag is brand new, unused, purchased from store with receipt so I'd like to find the best way to not lose a ton of money by dealing with a consignment shop here in NYC. any sites you girls can recommend? I've searched around this section of the forum and it doesn't seem like it there's a regular site you all deal with.
Not open for further replies.