Advice on LV Speedy

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  1. Hello all!

    So, I started a thread last week about an LV Epi Speedy that I won from eBay in a blue color. I finally received the bag last night, only to be a bit disappointed. It didn't occur to me that the pictures were taken with flash, thus making the blue seem more vibrant. It turns out the Epi Speedy is closer to a darker denim blue - I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. The seller doesn't offer refunds unless it is proven not to be authentic, but I was considering asking her for an even exchange for another Speedy she has in green or yellow. I just want something that will "pop" against all the black that I wear, and in a color that is unusual. I guess if she doesn't honor a return, I will have to resell it on eBay, which I really don't want to do since my camera doesn't work. The bag looks authentic to me, and I plan on taking it to an LV store tonight to authenticate (she is a mypoupette seller).

    So, what should I do? Should I ask the seller if she will consider an even exchange, or just give up?
  2. If you are unhappy with the color it doesn't hurt to ask for an even exchange. A Louis Vuitton is an investment that you should be happy with for years to come. If she says no, decide what amount extra that you would be willing to offer her in order to get an exchange, but don't exceed that amount because you are paying for one bag, not two. I hope everything works out for you. =)
  3. I've learned that it never hurts to ask...the worse she can say is no!
  4. If she says no, ask her if you can use her pictures and/or description to resell it. I can guarantee her stuff is ALL authentic. If she lets you use her description and pictures, note in your auction you have permission from that seller and you bought it from her and can assure it's authenticity.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I just e-mailed the seller and asked if I could get a refund, offering to pay her listing and final fees as well. I'd rather get something certainly wasn't cheap for eBay either. I'm keeping my fingers heavily crossed. :worried:
  6. I hope it's okay if I but in on your thread but my topic title was the same. I am bidding on a LV speedy30 on ebay, the seller is new and selling for a friend and promises me that it was in fact purchased at Saks in the early 1990s. It says LV vintage LV speedy30 and it ends in about 5 hours. The inside of the speedy is brown suede and she says that is how they used to make them. I am no good at identifying real from fake. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. none were ever made with suede.
  8. thanks allison, I have emailed the seller asking to retract my bid and have contacted ebay but at this point I am the leading bidder but I won't carry out this transaction. Hopefully it won't result in negative feedback, but just learned my lesson. Ask you guys BEFORE I bid.
  9. And another lesson is learned here - wow!!!
  10. So, I must be crazy, because I decided that I liked the color after all! I went to the LV store last night to have it authenticated (and it's real), and maybe it was the lighting or the cooing from the SA, but the bag has definitely grown on me. However, I think that the Speedy Epi 30 is too big on me (I'm 5'3" on a very good day) proportionally. I own a few larger bags (like the MJ Stella), but I think because my larger bags tend to lie "flat", instead of "squarish" on the LV, it doesn't looks as out of place. I did struggle between getting the 25 and 30 originally, but decided on the 30 because I thought that I needed the space with everything that I carry. When I tossed everything in the 30, I ended up having way too much room left over.

    So, I contacted the seller for an exchange because they also have the Speedy 25 in the same color...and the seller accepted! So, I'm excited and apparently, very indecisive, but I can't wait to get the Speedy Epi 25!
  11. It does not hurt to ask she may say yes , otherwise you could always wear a different colour rather than black :shame:
  12. SuLi, i'm glad to hear that the seller is exchanging your bag! :biggrin: I'm happy for you! Another LV bag has found another great owner! :biggrin:
  13. Cool! That's great that the seller agreed to your request :biggrin:
  14. yes, everything she has is real.