Advice on locating a handbag that is sold out online...

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  1. Hi,

    I've decided to pull the trigger and buy the PTTM Natasha. I'm so excited, because this will be my first MBMJ bag. :yahoo:
    I want it in black, and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. I checked with Nordstom, and they say that they don't have it anywhere, even in-store. I'm nearby Bloomies, Saks, Barney's, Macy's and Nordstom. Who is the best at locating an out-of-stock handbag? Thanks! :biggrin:

    Edit: Oooh... I'm near SF, I've been to the MBMJ store there. How are they at locating bags?
  2. I did see that one, but I was hoping to receive it new from a store. I don't know... something special about your first time. :P
  3. I think the MbyMJ store is your best bet. If the store in San Francisco doesn't have it, they can check and see what stores do have them and have one transferred in for you - the thing is, it's a bag from last season (S/S) and it's possible that they could be sold out (it was a pretty popular line)
  4. Ah... I called the MbyMJ store in SF. They don't have it, but the girl said they are re-doing it and will call me when they have more information on availability. She said it should be available soon because it is a resort bag... not sure what that means, as I'm a MbyMJ newbie.

    What does it mean that they are re-doing it? Will it be different? I'm intrigued. :graucho:
  5. Resort bags usually come out between October and December. If she said they're "re-doing" the line, it probably means that its being re-released with some kind of changes - I haven't seen pics of the Resort bags from MbyMJ (and they took all the pics down from the MJ site), so I don't know what it might look like. If you can get back to the store, you could ask the SA if she has the line sheets or look book for Resort and if she has a pic of the bag that's going to be coming
  6. They still have black online at shopbop. But the price is higher than it used to be. I bought mine from shopbop, but I had won a $100 gift card there, so it made up for it. I wonder what the changes are going to be? New colors or different hardware? So curious!
  7. There's still one at Shopbop. I say 'one' because it's been gone for a few days so it's probably a return.

    They're 'redoing' the line? Intriguing! :nuts: Hope it means I can at last get my hands on a PTTM key pouch!
  8. I did see the one on Shopbop (probably right around the same time you girls did) and I've also located one in-store that's being held for me at Nordstrom. I guess Nordstom triple rewards start today, so that would be a good deal.

    Now, I'm just hesitant because I'm really curious what the re-done Natasha will look like. I don't want to be sorry that I went for the older version once the new one comes out. Decisions, decisions. Wouldn't it be lovely if the pttm came out in the port color? :graucho:
  9. from my experience, the original is almost always better than re-releases. I had an original PTTM Sasha from last fall and it was a fantastic bag - everything about it was extraordinary and amazing. Then I traded it in for one of the new colors that came out for Resort - big mistake! Altho the design was the same, the bag was no where as nice as the original. I've also heard that more than one person had issues with their Resort PTTM bags.

    I'm not sure how they might be re-doing the PTTM line for Resort, but I'd try and get a current one and if you happen to like the new one better, you can always resell the one you buy now and buy the new one. If you pass on it now, and you don't like the new one, you might be SOL
  10. Thanks iluv, I appreciate your opinion. Now, how can I tell if the bag I'm purchasing is an original PTTM or a re-release Resort PTTM?

    It does make sense to go for the original, I just hope I can get it.

    Thanks again for your insight!
  11. well, you won't get an "original" one now anymore unless you buy on ebay or bonanzle. The original ones came out last fall, and they sold out a long time ago. They were re-released for resort and then again for Spring/Summer. Most of the "issues" I had heard had more to do with the resort bags and colors, so if the one you're getting is from spring/summer (which is what I would suspect, if it's still in stores now) it should be OK

    My point was more or less that if it were me, I'd want the "original" PTTM design - like the one that's at shop bop or the one you found at Nordstroms and not one of the "re-done" ones. Who knows what changes they're making - they could be for the better, but in my experience, the original design is usually the best