Advice on lip stains, please!

  1. My Stainiac is almost gone, and I went to the Sephora site where there are three pages of them, QVC where there are lots-does anyone have a recommendation? I'm talking about a water base stain with a sponge wand applicator (or felt tip) that often times is marketed as both a cheek and lip stain-not looking for a stain w/any kind of emollient, or a stain & a gloss-loved Stainiac, contemplating Smashbox-any suggestions would be appreciated-thanks! The composition of these things is the only thing that has any staying power for me, I have given up on lipstick!
  2. I love BeneFit's BeneTint. It doesn't come with a sponge or felt-tip, but with a brush. I found it very easy to apply, and it gives a very naughty flush to both cheeks and lips.
  3. Estee Lauder has clear lip laquer on one side and lip stain on the other.
  4. i love benetint! can use on face too
  5. i had a chanel one ages ago ( not sure if it was limited edittion) and its a sponge applicaiton and is some sort of stain.. i lvoed it
  6. Merci everyone!
  7. I love benetint as well :smile:
  8. My favorites are Lip Envy and Urban Decay. Both are available at Sephora.
  9. benetint is a bit too runny for my taste -- it does the job well, though

    personally i like using smashbox! i bought it a few months ago but it's discontinued. ALTHO, if u sort through your local sephora they may still have it!

    i hear good things about vincent longo:
  10. BeneFit's BeneTint is GREAT!!!!! the BEST! :biggrin:
  11. Chanel - It stays on forever.