Advice on Inherited Hermes Box Collection- need to part with

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone pass me on some advice on what to do with an inherited Hermes Box collection?. I would love to keep this amazing collection of boxes but unfortunately am moving overseas THIS weekend.

    I'm in New York and sadly have to part with the following..

    1 Hermes XL Birkin Box

    1 Hermes L Birkin Boxes

    2 Hermes Med Birkin Boxes

    Hermes L Birkin Boxes- slight crack on corner of lid, otherwise box is
    in excellent condition

    1 Hermes Blouse Boxes

    2 Hermes Birkin Dust Bags

    1 Bag of Two Birkin Plastic Rain Protectors for Birkins Size 35/40 or
    Sac Haut 32 and 1 Hermes Orange Felt Birkin Clasp Cover Storage

    100 FEET of Hermes Box Ribbon

    Ribbon ranges from 4ft cuts to 10ft cuts, some state Hermes Paris,
    Hermes Madison Ave, Hermes 2000, Hermes 2001 "Looking for the beauty
    of the earth", 1997 " Homage to Africa",2002 Year of the hand, Holiday
    Ribbon, 2003 "year of the Mediterranean"

  2. I would happily take them off your hands but unfortunately, I live far, far away from you. I love H orange boxes and really use them for storage of winter clothing.

    You could also sell them on eBay I guess. I've seen some before being sold there.

    Good luck!
  3. Wow, I don't keep most boxes. That's quite an impressive collection. Someone should want it. Surely you could sell?
  4. Yep sell them on ebay.

    I need a dustbag....

    Or maybe you can use them to pack some things in and ship those things overseas? (in another shipping box of of course)
  5. I did try ebay but sadly they shut it down :sad:
  6. Oh yes, they do that if you don't have a proven history of H sales...maybe try a consignment shop that sells H handbags? Don't know that they will give you much, but doesn't sound like you have a lot of options if you don't want to use them to pack stuff in as Quinn's Mom suggested above.
  7. Well, I agree with Quinn's Mom. Why don't you just use them to pack some of your stuff in and ship it to your new location? The little ones could go into one big box.
  8. thank you for your kind advice
  9. OMG that's awesome! Do you want to give them away or selling them? There is no selling policy on the board so I'm not asking you to sell them to me, but if you just want to give them away... That's a different story!! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

  10. Oh yes, me too!! If you are trying to give them away, I want one too, please!:flowers: [Just one of the big boxes would be great!]
  11. ATTENTION know the rules!!!

    Absolutely no selling on the forum. This thread just borders on selling.
    (Please take time to refresh your memory on our forum rules)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.