Advice on how/where to buy a Paddington satchel


Mar 10, 2010
Pac NW
Hello Ladies,
I'm new to Purse Forum posting, so excuse me if I should have posted this under an existing thread. I fell in love with a Paddington satchel a couple of years ago in a Nordstrom. I just had to stop petting it and walk away after awhile. I still realllllly want one though, but not at full price. A well cared-for, used one would be fine, but I don't know where to find one. I'm sooooo scared of fakes on Ebay. I'm scared of a lot of things on Ebay, to be honest. I would like a medium size, not patent and not a light color that dirties easily. Any advice on how to go about finding a great Paddington would be awesome! Thanks!


So, pretty...
Jul 9, 2007
Welcome to TPF! Since you don't want to buy from ebay, you could check some of the online consignment shops like Yoogi's Closet or Anne's Fabulous Finds. Also, sometimes they do show up on bluefly.