Advice on how to shrink Hudsons or designer jeans?

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  1. I bought a few pairs of jeans (Hudsons and Paige) and after an hour of wear, they stretched out and started falling off my butt! I did try the smaller size but they gave me pretty bad muffin top. So, I just had a tailor take them in but they are still falling off my butt, though not as badly. She said I should put them in the dryer on high to try to shrink them some more because she said she can't take them in more than she has done already. So, I'm wondering if anyone's had success shrinking premium denim? I hesitate to put them in hot water and dry because (a) I fear color fade and (b) I read that the dryer will kill the elastic in the jeans. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. I have some paige jeans and sad to say they don't shrink in the dryer. i put them in the dryer for several times already and they all seemed to return to their original size.
  3. That is so upsetting. I don't get how people buy these designer jeans if they stretch out. Like I said, I tried a sz down but that was very muffin-top-ish.

  4. the very best you can do is to return to your tailor and maybe they can do something else.
  5. Did you try wearing the muffin top jeans around for awhile? Maybe they will loosen up like the others and then fit just right. My best fitting jeans are ones that are slightly tight at first try and fresh out of the dryer, but then relax and are perfect.
  6. I have never tried either of these brands, but had the same problem with a pair of Fidelity jeans. They aren't that tight on me but they stretch out so much that they end up looking sloppy. I have found that True Religion is the only brand that doesn't stretch out, even after wearing for a couple of days. Second best is AG. Maybe try those next time?
  7. If there's some stretch in the jeans then it will eventually loosen after a few hours. Would a belt help?