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  1. Advice on how to help my friend lose the weight.:confused1:

    She has asked me today. That she needs someone there to push her. So she has asked me to help her lose the weight. She about 5'2 And weighs in about 12 stone.,She wants to get down to 9 stone, I really want to help her and put her in the right direction. she started her hour walk every day while she is on her break, and has cut down on food a bit(but she does love her food) That is her down fall.:Push:

    Has anyone any suggestions how to motivate her and to help her lose the weight.

  2. How about going on some small workouts with her? Something that I find really hard are friends who eat like crazy in front of me when I was trying to lose weight.

    I know that friends shouldn't have to change their eating habits because you're trying to lose weight - but it makes it extremely difficult when your friend is eating that piece of chocolate cake that you wanted but you know wouldn't be good for you.
  3. I do watch what I eat i do try and encourage her to eat healthy. the work out idea good :smile: thanks
  4. Hi. I highly suggest directing her to Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program there is tons of information and the members are really supportive. And she will learn to count calories in a healthy way. It really has helped lots of people.
  5. She wants to go from 168 lbs (12 stone) to 126 lbs (9 stone). That is a LOT of weight. First she needs to realize that this will take tons of time. How tall is she? Age bracket? Does she eat not very healthy now? Is she exercising?

    Let us know more and we can help more then!
  6. I would say take her to weight is the BEST way as you learn to change the way you eat and it becomes a lifetsyle change. I LOVE WW....I have been on one diet or another my entire life and WW was so helpful!!!!
  7. She 5'1 And she in her late 20's . She was on ww before but her life style so busy she can't make it to ww . And in the past year she has changed job and is walking more.
  8. I am a member of this forum - and there are experts and other people I can ask questions to about living a healthier life. I think having the support is really important! Good Luck!

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  9. :idea: Thank you i'll check that out ..