Advice on how to go about getting a Coco cabas

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have never gotten a Chanel bag, but I want to get the smallest size of the coco cabas in black leather. Could someone give me advice about how I can go about doing that? Should I go to the boutique? call them? or go to the chanel store in NM? I live in MA, does anyone know a good SA in Boston?

    Also, what would be the total price for the bag?

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. the bag is $1995 plus tax...but they're sold out from what i know...
  3. They are rare to find in stores now unless someone has returned them,
    How about looking in countries where the demand for Chanel is not so high, like New Delhi, India, there is one Chanel store there in a hotel and its mostly empty!
  4. sorry to hijack thread. will this bag be part of permanent collection like the classic flap? ie even if it's sold out now it'll be produce again and so we just need to wait? thanks!
  5. You never know what will become a "Timeless Classic" but I haven't heard anything about this one. . . I doubt it to be honest.
  6. i got mine only last month from NM ~ they did a system search & found a brand new one for me ~ :smile: ~ although the whole thing was a bit of a nightmare ~ :sad: ~ & i probably could have bought another chanel with the money i spent on phone calls & customs charges! ~ i have to say the CS was :yucky: ~ you could give it a go or there's usually a few on e**y ~ good luck! ~ :flowers:
  7. it's sold-out in the u.s..try your luck for a trusted independent seller..i got my white baby cabas from one of the tpf'ers , i paid extra of course
  8. You can always try calling Chanel and have them do a search on their US inventory.
    But, there's a very high chance that it'll be sold out and Chanel doesn't seem to be bringing back the cabas style that you are looking for.
    I was looking for one just last month and got mine from eBay from a tPF-er too.
  9. thanks all :flowers:
  10. Thanks for all the advice!

    I was wondering, if I wanted to get it from eBay, how can I be sure it is real?
  11. ^we have a great Chanel authenticate section here so just ask one of the ladies and I am sure they will help you