Advice on Hermes leathers needed

  1. Hi! I'm new to the fact this is my first blog of any kind, and I am pretty inept at these things. I just hope I can find the replies - if there are any! I'm bag hunting, again. I've had a number of Hermes bags in the past (and still have a few). I got rid of some, particulalry an orange Togo (I think) kelly as it was too delicate. My kid spray coke all over it - well a few drops that did not come out! I have small messy gooey children (pre-school age) and I need to select leathers that are VERY durable and stain resistant (read: kid resistant). What do you think are the most indestructable Hermes leathers?

  2. Welcome to tPF DCMom. Funny you say Togo was problematic - I have a Togo birkin and it is one of my most durable leathers. Of those others that I own, I find that Ostrich and Vache Ardennes (unfortunately now discontinued) are also great. I have little experience with stains as my youngest kids are 9 and 10 and know to be careful of "mummy's bags."
    Look up Epsom. I understand it too is super!!
  3. Hmmm...I would say Togo, Fjord, Clemence, and Epsom. All of these bags can be wiped down and are coated so they are fairly stain resistant.
  4. Welcome DCMom, I feel the same and have no small children! But, I do have kids with 4 paws:love: and even so I'm always looking for leathers that I don't have to baby so much. The bigger the bag, the less I want to have to look after it.

    You've been given good advice. Perhaps another Togo piece or Fjord in black or ebene/ chocolate or rouge H; select a darker color this time so you won't always have to be on high alert with your bag.

    You know we do look after our pieces, but we don't want to feel we have to guard them 24/7.
  5. Is there a thread that lists the diff leathers for Birkin, and explains how they are different?
  6. I would say Fjord.
    Welcome to our subforum!
  7. How about Vache Liagee? I recently saw the samples, and it seems quite undestructible to me, its surface is so hard. I specially like it in Noisette, Rouge H and Indigo.
    What about the Swift in the darker color? I really loved it in Rouge H - so rich...
    What you Ladies think?