Advice on getting a kitten

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  1. So next year I will be moving into a place that allows cats. I'm excited because I miss my cat, Snow White, at home (I'm @ college) that I've had since I was 4. I obviously can't bring her down because it would be too much stress for her, as much as I would want her down here with me.
    I don't want to feel like I'm replacing her, as she is the love of my life! :heart: But I miss the affection and presence of a cat soooo much.
    So I've pretty much decided to get a kitten next year. The thing is, my parents are freaking out because I will have to bring the kitten home for winter and summer break. They recently got two brother kittens from a guy @ work who has a cat that just had a litter. My dad HATES cats, so 3 cats in the house is more than pushing for him. I had considered bringing one of the brothers down next year, but I don't want to separate them (as they play with each other and leave my grouchy old cat alone).
    I've educated myself on taking care of a kitten, and I know that I will have $$$ put away for food, toys, any vet bills, etc.

    I will be living in a quad with 3 friends. If you don't know what a quad is, it's like an apartment, but each room is on its own lease, so you don't have to know 3 other people to get a room, you could be living with 3 random people, but luckily I'm not. But the quad is pretty small. My room will be 10x14, and a bathroom (no closet! :wtf: where will I put all my purses?!) and then just a small kitchen that we all share. So the thing is, the kitten would be completely indoor. I don't want to risk allowing it outside (even though I would wait quite a few months and have a microchip in it) as someone could just pick it up, or it would get lost (all the doors to the quads look the same) and confused.

    I know having it indoor, it will need things to be occupied, and I won't be taking very many classes, and working less than 15 hours/week.

    Wow this is long, so I guess my question is, how can I maximized the space for the kitten (places to play, and storing things?) And also, make it known to my parents that I AM getting a cat, I will bring it home during breaks, and take care of it. Oh one more thing, the kitten would only be in the car for 2 hours a few times a year for when I go back home, I know there is medicine that I can give it so it's calm during the ride, any that you guys recommend?

  2. I'm sorry to be brutally honest, but I think it's a bad idea for you to get a cat now. JMHO.
  3. have to agree with Jan. your lifestyle/living arrangements aren't very conducive to housing an animal right now. if you were living by yourself maybe...
  4. An indoor-only cat is a happy and healthy cat. So that is not the problem. Cats live longer and healthier lives when they are kept indoors exclusively. The problem is, indoor only cats completely flip out when you remove them from their environment. The car ride and staying at a new place would be so horribly stressful and you would be miserable dealing with an unhappy cat. As far as keeping the kitty occupied...a window to look out of is the best entertainment of all. It's like watching tv for a cat. They truly enjoy it, and it doesn't mean that they want to be outside.

    So, if your roomates didn't mind providing food, water and scooping out the litter every couple of days, it would be best to leave kitty at your place when you travel back home. Cats require suprisingly little, less than you'd realize. But what you get back from them is so worth it.

    And not to preach, but PLEASE adopt a kitty from the animal shelter and PLEASE get it spayed/neutered. My cat came from the shelter and I got him fixed as early as possible. He has never, ever ever done anything wrong! He is the PERFECT cat! I think getting him fixed early on really helped his behavior patterns. He still thinks he's a baby!
  5. Oh I will definately be getting a kitten from a shelter, definately NOT a pet store. And if its not spayed/neutered when I get it, I will get it fixed when it is old enough.

    Thing is with winter break, I'll be back home for a month, and so will my other roomies, so no one to take of kitty. So I was trying to figure out whether it would be less stressful for the kitty if I a) get the kitty in September, and have it live with me for the 3ish months I'm there, and then bring it back home with me for the month or b) wait til I come back from winter break to get the kitty and bring it back home with me in the summer.
  6. another thing you should consider too is the litter box odor. even if you clean it everyday - you will be living in a very small space so I'm assuming the box will be inside? how will your roomates feel about this?
  7. Cats are not like dogs, you can't pack them up and move them to a new environment every few months. Plus your parents expressly told you that they don't want another cat in the house. And every time kitty goes to you parent's house, this only child has to deal with other animals. And then as soon as he makes friends, you pack him up and go back to the lonely (for him) dorm. Also are your room mates on board with this? Or is kitty going to be confined to your room? While I totally agree that indoor-only cats flourish, I'm not so sure about a 10x14 room. Anyway, once again just my opinion.
  8. I'm sorry I have to agree with a previous post ... I don't think your living situation will be conducive to having a cat. I know you miss Snow White, but you will be able to take care of her again after you finish school. I've been a cat owner myself for 17 years, and I personally don't think it's a good idea to put an animal through that much stress.
  9. I'm sorry but I'm going to say the same thing as the others here... I'm in the exact same situation as you are (college, living in a quad) and there is NO WAY IN HELL that I would have been able to have a cat with me this year... and I had a HUGE HUGE room (24 x 18)... Besides, aren't animals prohibited in such living situations? I know that where I lived, they wouldn't allow pets at all, even for visitors (like, my friend bringing her dog over to pick me up for a walk wasn't even allowed!) ...

    So what I'm trying to say is that think of the cat before thinking about fulfilling your desires. I know it's harsh and all, but honestly, I don't think a cat would be very happy in such settings, speaking from experience. And I don't think you will be, either, especially with having a litterbox in such a small space. It WILL smell and you will need to care for it everyday. Maybe you could get a bunny?
  10. Everyone has pretty much said what I would have said... I'd also add that pets can also cause lots of tension between roommates. I could write a novel about the problems my roommate's cat caused in my apartment my senior year of college...

    Any time we are apart from our pets we miss them dearly, but I don't think pets should be brought into stressful situations. It sounds like your living quarters will be quite cramped, as implied in your other post in General Discussion, and a young kitten will have toys, scratching posts, beds and a litterbox... logistically, it just does not seem like there is enough room. I'd wait until you graduated and got your own place to get the kitten.

    I'm editing to add that my first reaction was... omg a litterbox in the bedroom! Can't imagine bringing my bf home to that! Or smelling it in the middle of the night. Wait until you have a larger space!!!
  11. I would say no to that also. bunnies are stinky too. and they are poop machines. they also need some outdoor excercise too so unless she plans on taking it outside everyday, I'd advise against it. You can't let a bunny run around the house loose unless you want crap everywhere.