Advice on getting 2 puppies vs. just 1...

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  1. On my quest for a Shih Tzu puppy, I found a local breeder who is expecting 3 different litters in the next 2-4 weeks:nuts: I'm so excitied, I'm actually thinking of getting 2 puppies (littermates) instead of just one. Any pros/cons?

    I think I would eventually get a second puppy anyway. Since I will already be knee deep in housetraining & obedience training, I though why not. I also thought it would be more comforting to the pups to have a littermate as a playmate. Any thoughts or suggestions? Am I crazy?
  2. You're not crazy! I think it's a great idea. You might as well put the effort into training both pups now instead of having to start over with a new dog later. It's also easier to have littlermates together than to have to try to deal with introducing a new dog and dealing with adjustments later. I'm excited for you I know you've been wanting a new furbaby for awhile!
  3. Erm, remove all your furniture????

    Ha ha - just kidding - I say go for it - but my advice to you is establish your routine and your rules right from the word go.... Don't let those cute little faces dismantle your resolve..

    Have you had a puppy before? If not may I recommend a book to you - it is one of the best investments I ever made (all £2.00!).

    It's called 'How To Have An Obedient Dog' it's by Jackie (?? somebody, sorry, can't recall her last name) and it is absolutely brilliant. Easy - practical and simple to follow.

    If you cannot find it in your local bookshop then I should Amazon it. Can't recommend it highly enough.

    I also recommend a website called - it's a newsletter dog training website that again speaks good common sense about dogs and training - I find the emails hugely helpful - the guys name is Andrew Chastney and he really knows his dogs.

    Hope that helps - good luck!!
  4. ^^ Thanks for all the great info.. I will definitely look into it. I had a couple of dogs when I was younger & living with my parents (a long time ago..) We had to have our Persian cat put to sleep earlier this year. We had him for almost 12 years & it was our only pet. So I guess I'm starting over in a sense. My kids don't know what it's like to have a fun pet- by the time they came along, my cat was getting rather old & grumpy. Personally, I'm more excited about getting puppies than my kids! I've really missed having a pet around the house. I've been reading anything & everything I can. And I read a tip to get "bitter spray" to spray the legs of my furniture when the chewing starts.;)

    Angelica- Thanks too, Your thoughts are my thoughts exactly!
  5. Great idea! I wish I had gotten two right away. When I only had one she was very lonely and would cry a lot. As soon as I got the second one she never cried again. They are great pals.
  6. ^ITA getting two will be wonderful...they can keep each other company and you won't feel so guilty when you have to leave to go to work, etc...
  7. getting 2 puppies is a great idea. i got 2 pugs within a year of each other and it made my life a lot easier. they are the best of friends, well sisters. they cuddle every night together and of course suction cupped to me too. also instead of biting (puppy biting) me, they chewed on each other. haha. i think that is where it benefitted me the most!
  8. We had one dog and a cat for awhile then the cat passed away...:sad: :crybaby: so about a year later we got a another puppy. It has been a wonderful experience!! The older one seems younger, the puppy ADORES her older sister. They both love us. (well, they love mommy the most ofcourse) :graucho: !!! We have not had the chewing problems, and potty training was a breeze. Unless the house sitter is here. Ughhh....but its been a ball and I can not imagine our lives without them together...or with us!!! I do sometimes take one for a walk...and then come back and take the other...seperatly...and you would think we left them apart for years...its hard to walk them together as they both think they are the stronger (alfa gal) it!! get 2...they cuddle and love when left alone...I love them together!!!!
  9. I have had 2 dogs from the same litter a couple of times, 2 Newfoundlands and 2 English setters, would get 2 dogs or a dog and a *****, but you would have to have one of them "done" if you got a dog and *****, at some point. Would not get 2 *****es, this can cause trouble when they get older. Having two dogs is brilliant, but be prepared for a lot of hard work, its lovely seeing them play together but they also wind each other up, a bit like children, so can be sooooooooo naughty.
  10. I envy you!!! You are going to have many puppies!!!
    No, just kidding, in fact, congrats. You'll be overwhelmed with them!
    Just make sure you keep all the "chewable things" highup out of their reach, esp. your carpets and precious rugs!!! :smile:
  11. we have 2 dogs at home, best friends! definitely keep each other company. i have 1 girl who's a pom and 1 boy who's a cocker spaniel. lets just say the girl is the boss. they never fight, they share a bed even though they each have their own, and i've caught them with one paw over the other. both are different ages and we're brought in separately into the house. i personally highly suggest having more than one unless you're home a lot. my family has different schedules sometimes theres no one home at all. plus the added "security" yes the pom is our guard dog.
  12. 2 it is then! Thanks all for making me feel good about it:smile: We are getting 2 males & having them both fixed. I'm a stay at home mom so I will be around most of the time. I wanted to get them before summer so I have some quiet time at home, while my little ones are at school/playgroup, to work with them. I just finished training my 3 year old to potty, I'm think ready to tackle this- LOL.
  13. Good choice! Please post pictures of your little darlings when you get them. I've always had multiple pets and I find that as much as they love us humans, they love to be with their own kind too. I think you're doing the right thing and they will bring you a lifetime of joy.
  14. ack that many litters in that period of time? how many litters do they have a year? are you sure you found a reputable breeder?
  15. If possible, I would wait for a year until getting another puppy, mainly because you want the puppy to bond with you first. If you get two puppies at the same time, the puppy will bond with the other puppy first, you second. Also, one puppy is a pain in the ass as is, two might just drive you over the edge. The puppy will be an angel until it reaches 6 mos, and then it will be a holy terror until about a year and a half. We waited two years before getting another puppy and I am glad.