advice on first PS1 X large for diaper bag

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  1. #1 Mar 27, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2014
    Hi Ladies,

    I wanted to know your opinion on using a ps1 in xlarge for my purse but all carrying a few things around for my baby. I just found one on their website, they have an xl in purple rain for sale.

    I love the color of the bag although it is hard to tell the exact true color in the picture but i looked though previous posts on this forum. would i get bored with the color?

    Should I be concern that is is an old model from a few years back? Hasn't the leather and hardware change since then? will it be durable enough for me to use everyday?

    This would be my first proenza schouler purchase.

    I really appreciate the advice ladies!
  2. Hi, the XL PS1 is roomy and will hold up. It's reinforced with more leather compared to the large but this is also a drawback, it's heavier when empty. I think it's about 50% more empty weight than the large. The large is also roomy, could you try both bags in a store?

    For the changes in hardware and lining the new came out for fall 2013. Purple rain is a gorgeous color though.
  3. THanks so much for the advice! I feel like I should go for it because it's on sale but then wonder if maybe paying full price is worth it for the new hardware? DO you think it makes that much of a difference? I will definitely go check them out in the store! :smile:)
  4. I think the hardware and the new triangle print lining are similar when comparing the new and old. One addition to the new is the authenticity card (looks like a credit card) which makes it easier to get repairs etc. The card is talks for the new imho.
  5. this......

    i have a XL black PS1 from a few years ago.
    it's fit SO MUCH for my 3 kids and my personal items.
    however, it is heavy on my shoulder. i mean i find i mostly use the short shoulder strap to carry it with and
    i am constantly switching which shoulder to carry it on.
    the XL has a long shoulder strap and a short shoulder strap aside from the handle.
    (i use the short shoulder strap when i carry a lot of items and the long messenger strap
    when it's just my things.)

    good luck. i too would advise going to the store and trying the large an x-large on before
    making a final decision.
  6. thanks so much for the insight!!
  7. no problem.
    hope you can get to try both the L and XL before making your decision :heart:
  8. The color is very good, and it goes with spring/summer as well as fall/winter. If you're using it as a diaper bag, I personally find the tote style easier to deal with because it opens from the top, since you'll be working one handed a lot of times.
  9. thanks!!!
    i really appreciate all this info! What do you guys feel about piglet or chianti? I'm just wondering about wear if I'm using it everyday and that the piglet could get dirty. and I will use it all year around.