Advice on first Balenciaga - do i need to treat, using in the rain etc?

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  1. Hi all.

    So I have decided to take the plunge and buy my first Balenciaga City :smile: I have contacted a lovely SA in Selfridges who is going to reserve a couple of colours of the new small size for me for when i am in London next week. The small size is what has made me decide now is the time, I always thought the normal size was a little too big for me and the mini far too small. Anyways, before I finally take the plunge I was just wondering whether I need to treat the leather with waterproof spray like the Collonil that I used on my Mulberry? And also how to they hold up in the rain? Another rainy July day in the UK is making me question the decision to buy! I hardly use my Mulberry it is in a light colour and stresses me about getting wet! I don't baby my bags but I don't want to ruin them, and I don't really want another purchase that I hardly use because of the rubbish weather! I am hoping to get either the Violet Prune colour, or some kind of grey if that makes any difference to the advice. Apologies if this has been asked loads of times before, i did a search but nothing that recent came up and i know they changed the leather at some point. Thank you all in advance for your help.
  2. I treated my bals with the collonil leather gel but didn't spray them too like I do with my mulberry bags. I have the ME CITY in goatskin so it's pretty tough and I I didnt feel it needed the extra protection.
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  3. Thank you for your help
  4. Small City is a gorgeous choice!

    Don't worry too much about the rain. The Bal leather is resilient and doesn't mark or spot like the Mulberry NVT does. I agree with jp in that a bit of Collonil gel could be nice for any areas you think could do with moisturising, but I wouldn't use the waterproof spray - there's no need for it and it changes the texture of the leather slightly.. not in a good way imo.
  5. Collonil on the corners especially right?
  6. Yes I agree, Collonil gel on the corners if they seem a bit thirsty!
  7. Thank you so much for your advice. I will get some collonil gel when I get my bag. Eeek very excited, and since it's pouring with rain again here today I def need a rain resilient bag!
  8. You should ask some advice toyour SA as I read Collonil gel dries lambskin.. The product to use dépends on your bag's leather.
    Hope it helps!
  9. There are several different types of gel, make sure the gel you purchase is indeed the moisturizer and not just the waterproofing along (though the moisturizer does waterproof to an extent). I've been using the gel for years on most things aside from patent leathers. It's saved several bags especially my Celine box the inner lambskin tends to scratch easy and I have stiletto nails lol!!
  10. Thank you both for the advice. It's a good idea to ask the SA and if they recommend anything else I will def update you all. Perhaps Balenciaga have something specific they stock or at least recommend as Mulberry does with collonil.
  11. Exciting!

    I got my first Bal recently and haven't had a chance to get to a Bal store, however they do sell their own bal cream and I was hoping to get this - it's quite pricey though, think they said something like £23+

    Like you I use collonil on my M's, but have so far avoided using anything as I was worried about the waterstop spray drying the leather out

    Looking forward to your reveal
  12. Hey Louliu, it s great to hear from you!!
    What Bbag did you buy? Send us a pic!
    I agree, the best cream should be the one from Balenciaga. Unfortunately, I cannot find it here in Switzerland :sad:
  13. And would like to say that I tried to order it from their shoops in France but customer services is really bad, no one ever helped me with that.. :sad: :sad: :sad:
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    Sorry, dont seem to get notifications anymore when someone quotes me and have been avoiding TPF as its generally bad for my pennies

    Hiya Hun, hope you are well?

    Loving my mini pompon, I sent back the rouge cerise when a black one came back in stock from Fashionette and haven't stopped using it since - my M's have been retired for now
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  15. Well I got my city small ME in violet prune (pic in July/Aug thread). My SA at Selfridges said not to treat it with anything at the moment, to keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading, and if it starts to feel dry in the future use a moisturiser specifically for goats skin (she didn't recommend anything brand specific). She said the leather was very hard wearing. I'm going to follow this advice as it seems nice and easy :smile: hope this info helps others in the future too.
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