Advice on first Bal Bag!

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  1. Hi!

    I'm going to get a Bal Bag soon, and it'll be my first Balenciaga bag ever, so I'm going to need so advice!

    I know I definitely want a Giant City. I've been obsessed with the covered hardware in Anthracite. But I don't know if this is a good choice for my first Bal Bag, cos I'm looking for something that isn't very seasonal? So I'm debating between that and a Silver Hardware in Black, but I'm afraid that Black might be boring?

    I'll be purchasing the bag in Milan, so if anyone here knows what colours are currently available there, please let me know! Thank you! (:
  2. I'm deff a Black fan! So I'd say go for Black + GSH!
    IMHO It's an amazing combo! It's rock chic and it's perfect for both night and day =)
  3. I'd say go with a neutral for your first bbag. Anthracite with SGH fits the bill so I'd vote for that!
  4. I purchased an Antra City as my first Bal bag. IMO, the color is very versatile and more interesting than black.
  5. my first bal bag was raisin with GSH!
  6. I found black with GSH a bit too much, I guess it was a bit too moto-looking for my tastes, but anthra was perfect being just a little bit softer. It will make a great first bag.
  7. ITA! :smile:
  8. I don't think you can go wrong with either a black or anthra for your first bag. Try on a few of each and buy the one with the leather that makes you swoon!
  9. Black city RH = classic!
  10. ITA with hedy devine.

    My first Bbag was a black sgh city, so I could encourage you with it, but anthra is also a great neutral, especially with gsh! I can't help you with availability in Milan, sorry (any anthra or black here in Turin).

    Hope to see soon your choise! :popcorn:
  11. My vote is with anthra, but carefully consider about cgh. It can peel/wear and needs a bit more babying. RH and GH, ime, don't need any babying at all and can take much more than it seems like they could with such lovely leather. I'd vote for anthra, since it is as classic as black (and in 10 leathers has a closer look to black imo), but more versatile since it has green or blue undertones that come out with hardware and your outfit, the light, etc. I will also say that ime the 2010 black leather has been a bit drier than anthra until broken in, but that could be my experience only.

    Also, of course, you will find that once you have bought one bal it is very hard to stop, so you do not need to stress too much since you will probably have another chance to decide between these classic colors. :smile:
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with either black or anthra. I personally love the black/GSH combo. Oh but I wouldn't get GCH.
  13. I have both a black with GSH (town) and an anthra with RH (day). Both are very versatile and look great, but my personal favorite is the black with GSH. I never expected to like or want the giant hardware, but the GSH is GORGEOUS on the black. The 2010 black leather on my town is to die for, with great texture. Check out pics in the club section under "Out on the town". However, either choice is really can't go wrong. It is truly about personal preference. Go with whichever one really grabs you!
  14. Thanks for everyone's advice! :smile: I finally got it :yahoo: & I went with the with Silver Hardware! I'm super psyched & this definitely would be my first & last Bal Bag ;)
  15. ^^^
    well that's what I was going to suggest
    yay!!!!! you got it
    don't believe it is your last though:graucho: