advice on everyday bag/small tote

  1. I am thinking of getting a gently used bag like a Piano. I am leaning toward used because I need something that I do not have to worry about and can really use. It will probably be in the car a lot ( lot's of heat and I live in Florida ) . I just need it for misc. stuff, like wallet, stuff for my braces ( yes, I just got them), phone, cosmetic pouch
    . I t needs to be casual. I don't want to scream attention with a very fancy LV- just needs to be functional.

    But something in me is getting really envious to have a brand new, never touched by anyone but me bag. I am not saying I will trash it, I do take excellent care of my bags. I guess my biggest dilemmia is the fact that it will be in the car/heat a lot. I can save some $$$ by getting one that already has patina. Plus I am on the fence about the milk white-new leather and the loved look of golden patina.

    Thoughts? I am a bit worried about the leather bottom of the Piano too, but don't really care for the neverfull.

    Thanks for any advice. I know I rambled. :upsidedown:

  2. what about a speedy? those are great everyday bags...and i beat mine up quite a bit. I bought mine used as's def. the way to go if you don't want to worry about getting the bag dirty.
  3. I would be constantly worried about the vachetta at the bottom of the Cabas Piano. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull either... it looks too cheap.

    What are your thoughts on the Popincourt Haut or the Batignolles Horizontal? Both are great everyday bags that hold quite a bit. :yes:
  4. What about the Popincourt Haut? It's just about the size of the Piano, no vachetta bottom, and works with casual outfits.
  5. Agree with everyone! How about the Montorgueil?
  6. I would go with either of BH or BV. but if you want somthing with very little vachetta i would get the neverfull. The popincourt haut tends to get dirty on the corners
  7. i think that BV or BH is good as well, functional like the piano but no vachetta on the bottom!
  8. The vachetta bottom is the reason why I did not go with the cabas piano, mezzo, etc. I ended up getting the BH but you mentioned you wanted something small so I think BH would be too big. If you do not mind a hand carry then I say speedy. Not sure what to recommend if you are looking for a shoulder bag......
  9. I agree that a Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical would be an excellent choice, no vachetta on the bottom to worry about and they're both great shoulder bags! And if you want new, they have a relatively good price point for a new LV.
  10. I think speedy would be a great everyday bag. Good luck
  11. How about a Saleya? I have the PM size (pic below) and it's amazing. No vachetta to worry about, gorgeous red lining, and the zip top is wonderful.

    It's not the best shoulder bag for everyone but some have had good luck with it!

  12. ...If you don't mind an open top tote, the Batignolles Horizontal (or BH as you will see it posted around here) is an incredibly good looking tote!! Works great on the shoulder.'s a lotta LV for the money - really good price point!

    Queenmab posted a great pic of it!!
  13. I have the Cabas Mezzo and carry it constantly - it's a close second behind the mono speedy. I also live in Florida, which I think makes the vachetta patina quickly and evenly, so it holds up pretty well. I love it. So... if you can find a pre-loved Piano, go for it! Just be sure to get it authenticated here first.

    And congrats on the braces. I just got mine off in December after 3 decision I ever made!
  14. I have the Piano and I hate it. I keep it for sentimental reasons - it was my first LV purchased by DH for my 30th birthday. The vachetta bottom drives me CRAZY!!! Also, the bag is very small but that seems to be ok with you.

    My suggestion for a tote is BH. If you can deal with a handheld, I would suggest the Speedy 30. Both of these bags can take a serious beating and they hold a TON!!
  15. ITA:tup: