Advice on Epi Leather Ivoire

  1. Would like some advice on the Epi Leather Ivoire. I have had the French Purse in Epi Leather Ivoire for about 9 months now - love it as it is incredibly easy to clean. However, over time it is showing slightly dark marks, especially at the threads and in the hard-to-reach folds. Am also getting a little paranoid as to whether the colour is turning yellow :sad: I'm quite sure it was whiter when I first bought it!

    I really like this Ivoire colour and am thinking of getting the Bowling Montaigne GM or PM in the same material as a bag for work (I love white and off-white bags), but if it could turn yellow in the years to come, I may have to rethink my decision!

    Appreciate if anyone else who owns items in Epi Ivoire can share if your bags/wallets turn slightly yellow over time. Also, how do you maintain the cleanliness of your bag? I use water and tissue to clean off dust marks and random stains. Alternatively, if I send my bags to LV boutiques for cleaning, will it be as good as new?

  2. Oh yes. Sorry about the duplicate thread - the browser hanged and somehow managed to send twice.