Advice on English Bulldogs

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  1. Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with English Bulldogs. My bf and I are conidering getting one when we move to the east coast next year and I'm excited, they are so adorable! I've been doing some research online and they seem like the perfect breed for us. So it would be nice to hear about your bulldog, see pictures, also if anyone can recommend a breeder. I know a lot of places ship, but we are willing to drive or travel to personally pick the puppy up :smile: When you reserve puppies from a breeder, do you get to see it and/or pick which one you want? Anything you can share is appreciated, thanks advance :heart:
  2. English Bulldogs are a great breed!! We had one but when we moved we gave her to my Aunt and Uncle because we already had two dogs and my Aunt had always wanted one. They are great dogs!! My Aunt and Uncle can't get enough of her. It's their baby! Everyone just thinks she's the coolest dog. She's not hyper and doesn't jump or anything... just likes to hang out next to you. I would definately recommend one. I don't know of a breeder, but I would definately suggest you do a lot of research because they can be prone to many health problems if you aren't careful. But good luck and post pictures when you get one! They are such cuties!!!!
  3. Miss Cassie Mae is the adorable, three-year-old English Bulldog that resides in my avatar to the left. She was a little over a year when that pic was taken. She lives with my parents, and she is practically our whole world! English Bulldogs are the most wonderful breed of dogs I have ever encountered - they're EXTREMELY loyal, loving, smart, cuddly, funny, and full of personality. Cassie would do ANYTHING to defend anyone in my family and we'd never have to worry about her running off because she's unhappy if she's not near us if we're at home. We've never had a separation anxiety problem with her, though, because she's very laid back and seems to understand that we leave sometimes. If we're in the house, though, she's with us - she even follows my dad into the bathroom. She loves to sleep, eat, and lay on my mom.

    She's very stubborn, it's a personality trait of the breed, but we've never had a problem teaching her anything. She's very smart, and is absolutely full of personality. If you're looking for a really fun dog that doesn't need a whole lot of outside time (Cassie actually hates going outside), then bulldogs are perfect. They're very, very loyal and loving to their owners and Cassie would never hurt a fly unless provoked. She's an attention whore at the vet (who ever heard of a dog that loves to go to the vet?) and the only time she isn't friendly is when there are visitors she doesn't know at the house (like i said, she's very protective of the house and her people, but she's friendly to anyone once properly introduced).

    If i had an apartment that allowed dogs, I'd have already gotten my own. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. I'd say to find a breeder that you can actually visit instead of having the dog shipped, we would have chosen one of Cassie's sisters had we not gone to meet them in person.

    good luck! We're so in love with our girl, she's absolutely perfect for us.
  4. My boyfriend and I eventually want to adopt an English Bulldog when we're ready, too! I won't be for another year or two at least, though. :sad:

    From what we've read so far, they're a less active breed and don't require a lot of walking or playing catch, etc. so they're great if you live in an apartment or a smaller house and/or both work. However, according to all the sources we've read, you do need to clean their face folds almost daily to avoid infection and in the summer, they can't be in the heat/sun for long.
  5. :tup::heart: Sounds like they are great dogs to have! :smile:

    ILuv: Thank you for the info and heads up about health problems, I love that they like to lounge, because honestly thats what I like to do too haha. Especially after a hard day of shopping lol jj :Push:

    Amanda: OMG I never noticed you had a bulldog in your avatar! She is ADORABLE :heart: Sounds like she is a real sweetheart too, which is what I'm hoping our future bulldog is like as well. Which is a very good reason to meet them before buying. My bf doesn't want to have a random dog shipped over either. I'd hate to have a dog shipped somewhere and it turns out that it doesn't like us or something haha. Oddly enough which is why I hestiate to have children, I have this fear that they wont like me lol. We're probably going to buy a house on the east coast so there will be plenty of room for our bulldog to run around. We live in a condo now that doesn't allow pets, we didn't think we wanted one when we moved here but have regretted it ever since.

    Azia: Ive heard that about their faces too, I think similar to pugs. I guess having to clean their face frequently is worth it though, they seem like the perfect dogs! :smile: I hope you get your dog soon too!
  6. For 8 years I had a wonderful English Bulldog. But................tons of health problems: surgery needed for both eyes since lids were too low and the lashes were irritating the eyes, severe allergies needing shots everyday due to itchy rashes, constant perscription cream needed to apply to folds of skin around nose, arthritis and leg injuries from jumping up too high and sadly, they have a very short life span of 8-10 years...mine died a painful death of stomach cancer. But.............we loved our dog more than anything. He was so sweet and gentle and loved being loved. We miss him dearly and have not purchased a dog since he passed 4 years ago. Also, they need to be kept cool so if you live in a hot climate they must be kept cool at all times. And don't forget, they cannot swim.
  7. Great thread! My SO and I have been thinking about getting one too...that is when we move out of our apartment to a house.
  8. i'm not kidding, they're basically God's perfect creatures. THE most wonderful dogs in the world.

    they are prone to health problems because they are pure bred, but we don't have many problems with Cassie other than some allergies that make her itch (which we give her a pill for every day). We've had a small issue here and there, but nothing the vet couldn't take care of quickly, and no surgeries (except to take her girl parts), thank God. She is very heat sensitive, so she never goes outside in the warm parts of the year except to use the bathroom and we're careful to cool down the car before she gets in if we take her anywhere in the summer. Some dogs are more sensitive than others and some absolutely love to wander around in their yards for a bit (most won't stray too far from their people even if they're not on a leash), but it's very important to be careful. Cassie's dad died of a heart attack brought on by heat exposure.

    She's just the most wonderful little dog I could ever imagine, and she's absolutely perfect for my parents (I suspect they got her to replace me when I moved out...). Just spending time with them makes her happier than anything in the world, and she's pretty much willing to join in on whatever you're doing as long as it means being with you. She's absolutely hilarious and I don't think a day goes by that my parents don't call me to tell me about something she did. I think they'd be lost without her, she's like their third (and favorite) child. My mom was VERY HESITANT to get a dog at all, and didn't like her all that much during the middle of her puppy stage, but now my mom would do anything for that dog, she's totally in love, as is basically everyone that meets her.
  9. I have a bulldog named Bella,she will be 4 in January. To date, she has had no "bulldog" health issues, and she is ready to compete in competition obedience, and she has competed in agility. We don't do agility much because we don't want to ruin the hips.

    She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and doubt I will ever own another breed.

    Make sure when you go to buy your bulldog, you do your research. There are a lot of importers out there and you could possibly end up with an unhealthy dog. Try to purchase from someone who is active in a breed club. You could try the BCA website for breeder referals.

    I am currently looking for a conformation bulldog:yahoo:I am so excited about adding another one. What area of the East coast are you moving to?

    Good luck, you will enjoy your bulldog!

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  10. ^ Awwwwwwe!
  11. Oh boy, English Bulldogs! My head technician breeds them; I do all the surgical Artificial Insemination and C-sections (EBs are unable to have vaginal birth.) They are wonderful dogs...very dear and loving. Please do lots of research on breeders-these dogs do tend to have a significant number of health issues, many are conformational. My DH and I gave one to my sister-in-law for Christmas a couple of years ago-he was indeed stubborn, but the next Christmas gift was Cesar Milan DVDs, and he's great now.
  12. We had one when I was a little girl. They are wonderful dogs--sweet, loyal, not overly active, gentle with children; but as others have said--they have a number of health issues and tend not to live long lives. They are prone to joint problems, including hip dysplasia, breathing problems (some people recommend not shipping(by air cargo) dogs with short noses), skin problems. The creases/folds need to be kept clean and dry. You need to watch their diet so they don't get overweight. They are very expensive.

    If knowing all that, you're ready for an English Bulldog, good luck. Look for the healthiest litter you can find.

    Best wishes! they are one of the sweetest dogs.
  13. Thank you again everyone! It probably will be a challenge to find the healthiest litter possible, but I think my bf and I can rise to it. I'll be doing some research on that, but if anyone has advice as to how to decide who has the healthiest litters please let me know :smile:

    I contacted the BCA and they sent me a good list and the name of someone to contact if I want a more detailed list of the breeders they refer. Has anyone had any luck with the BCA referral system before? It states that they do not guarantee any of them, but I guess since they are referring them that they are supposed to be good?

    I really want to make the right decision about this bulldog, I would hate to fall in love with one only to have it develop health problems and not live as long as it should.

    Does anyone know around how much one should cost? I know they are more expensive than a lot of breeds and I don't mind spending the money, but I do not want to get ripped off either. So a general price range would be appreciated (for puppies), I tried to research that online but haven't found anything conclusive.

    Thanks in advance once again! :heart:
  14. ^^In response to your cost question, Berlyn, I have a cousin who breeds pet-quality EBs in the Midwest and she sells her pups for $1K to $2K depending on gender and coloring. She just has one mama dog and is basically a small town breeder. I would imagine that the prices go up considerably from there, but probably not down much! GL on finding your perfect new dog!

    Oh, PS, I know from her that EB pups are really a challenge to raise to the point of weaning - they are all born by C-section, then she has to watch the pups every minute they are with their mother because the mom might sit or roll over on them and kill them. She has to get up every two hours during the night and give the pups to the mom for feedings. She also has to keep all those little faces clean. Part of the cost is all of the labor that those puppies take.
  15. Thank you Vanojr9 :smile: I want an EB so badly! $1000-$2000 sounds pretty reasonable. I've been seeing $2500-$4500 online on breeder sites. Do you know if your cousin knows of the reputable breeders on the east coast?

    4theluv: We are moving to either, NY, CT or MA. We'll know this week, I hope our bulldog will be happy in any of those places.