Advice on ebay transaction PLEASE!

  1. Ok gals....

    I bid on a burberry backpack from eBay and after I bid and won I realized that this bidder does not take Paypal. Now I am in Canada and she is in the US. I asked if there was a faster way of completing the transaction so she said no and postal moner order was the way to go specially for international transactions. So I go to buy the money order today and its gonna cost me a total of $20 extra just to send her the money and it would take about 5-10 days to arrive and then I have to wait for her to cash and then send me my bag.

    So what do I do? and how do I get out of it?
  2. I would just apologize for your overlooking of her not taking paypal. I do not ever buy anything from any seller that does not accept paypal. I am afraid of sending money order and have no leverage on whether she is going to send the good or nor.
  3. I would say sorry but you overlooked the paypal thing and assumed she accepted. It would take her minutes to set up the account. If she refuses, I personally wouldnt proceed and risk her filing a NPB. But its up to you...
  4. when I sell on eBay, I take money orders but only from us customers. I would never take them international as they are harder to track, etc. IMO, I would just email her and apologize and ask that she sell it to the next bidder.
  5. Please don't slam me for this opinion but I think you have to suck it up and play by the seller's terms of sale. It was your responsibility to read her terms of sale. You did not and now you want to back out of the sale. If I was the seller i would be really ticked and if you didn't pay I would leave a negative feedback. Just my humble opinion..
  6. You can get international money orders from the post office and they don't cost too should also be able to send it quickly for not too much either...the whole thing shouldn't cost you more that 5 or 6 bucks extra...hth
  7. Thats exactly what I tried to do and its costs $5 for the money order and then to mail it registered mail or any other way with signature would cost another $14 to california. PLUS all the extra time it would take to send and then receive the item.

    I know its my fault for overlooking this but it was a last minute bid and I have never looked at paying options before. I checked the listing in detail as well as the fact that she shipped international. I have never seen anyone not accepting paypal specially from internatonal buyers.
  8. You made an honest mistake and I think sellrs have to make allowances for us sometimes. At least you will tell her and not just go quiet and not pay...that is what can be annoying. Its your money and you should only proceed if you are happy with it.
  9. If the seller looks legit, I think you should either try to find a cheaper way to pay by money order, or use google checkout. If this doesn't work, I'd offer the seller some compensation as a compromise and cancel the transaction.
  10. I e-mailed asking if there was a cheaper faster option, if not I will compensate and she can offer it to the next higest bidder. We'll see what she says. I did apologize for overlooking the methods of payments.
  11. she e-mailed me back saying she'd had other cdn buyers and their postage cost $2 for first class. But thats not tracked right?
    I told her I wouldn't send it unless it was registered or with tracking and signature.
  12. Sorry, but I agree with toomanyhandbags. As a seller, it's really frustrating when a buyer does not completely read the auction and its terms. I know that people make mistakes, but sometimes mistakes cost money. Please don't throw stones - JMHO.
  13. Not throwing stones all and I respect the fact that I made a mistake but I shouldn't have to pay an extra $20 just to pay her!!! Plus wait god knows how long to get my item!!!
  14. Why don't you cheack with bank wire of money transfer (Only if she is a reputable seller of course)
  15. Ok Please HELP...

    She is insisting I send the postal money order by regular first class mail and it would take upto 7 days to arrive. Then she would send my bag.

    I REALLY don't feel comfortable sending my moner order by regular mail without having some kind of tracking on it! WHAT TO DO????

    She says she stopped using paypal becuase they charge sellers too much! I understand but I should have to pay $20 instead!!!

    This is her last e-mail to me:
    Hi Mona,
    I have never had a problem with a delivery of a payment from Canada. They have always arrived, when sent by first class. Items are sent as soon as payment arrives. Payment from Canada usually arrives in anywhere from 5-7 days. I stopped using Paypal's services some time ago because of their fees to the sellers.